Age 15 – There is hope on this journey


When i first started this journey 2 years ago i believed there was no way out of this addiction. My hormones were crazy and it was almost as if i was a coke addict. i couldn’t go a day without masturbation no matter how hard i tried, even just abstaining to one time a day was a struggle. It is a fact that pmo will destroy your life, deep inside you know it. That sick feeling you feel after relapse is not natural and is highly
destructive to your life.

Now after literally hundreds of relapses i have found freedom from my chains. Let me inspire you that there is hope on this journey and there is freedom from this addiction that seems everlasting.

i couldn’t imagine what my life would become in 5 years if i would have kept up with pmo. i would live in self pity and depression and have no motivation to go anywhere in life. Let me tell you brothers that in time you will find your solution to this pmo addiction if you maintain persistence and intent. sure it’s hard to do NoFap when it seems the whole world is against you but the key is to never give up hope and break through to rebooting.

The purpose of NoFap is to rewire your brain and NOT go back to dirty lifestyle you’re ashamed of. Once you accept the fact that you are living a no PMO lifestyle for the rest of your life you can begin to live a better life. T

he urges come harder when you count the days because you are setting your brain up for failure and relapse. Counting the days also make you think about relapse 24/7 and thats gonna hold u back from living you’re life to the fullest. I’ve gone like this and lemme tell you the urges are so much smaller.

LINK – 15 yrs old at around day 80

By DanielHuckaby