Age 16 – Big turnaround: higher grades, better physique, loving girlfriend


I joined NoFap over a year ago (the summer of 2015), I was 15 years old. I had streaks on and off and it has really been an amazing and exciting time of my life. I realized i never truly posted my story so here we go: Before nofap I was living a very sad and unfulfilled life. I was ignorant to what porn and masturbation was doing to my life. I had started masturbating when I was 6 years old i believe (very young i know), and first discovered porn at age 9 and started watching regularly at age 12 or 13.

What scares me, looking back, is that i was always trying to follow my dreams but yet still watching porn. I would try and play guitar, workout, skateboard etc, but always give up or not have the energy to do so. I was addicted to porn and masturbating, and now I SEE that was the problem.

I was eventually running on a hamster wheel. Heres how my days went: wake up, go to school, come home, pmo, fall asleep, wake up and play on phone and pmo/and fall asleep or stay up and then to back to school. As you can see its a sad way to live. I was a zombie. Already dead inside. someone whos been masturbating pretty much my whole life. It has been hardwired into my dna XD.

Hearing about people stopping completely was crazy to me because i didnt think that was possible. Thats how TRAPPED I was by pmo. Also, pmo had destroyed my life so much that i turned to drugs to fill a hole and had fake friends who led me to do drugs. My life was completely off track.

Around this time I found NoFap.

Life post Nofap – when i first found nofap i was at a bad point in my life, i got expelled from school for doing drugs on school campus.

I was in alternative school and i broke my phone so i was accessing nofap and a counter through a computer that i had rigged in my room. The first time i believe i went 2-4 days. I used to NEVER be able to make it past 4 days.

But i never gave up. I kept fighting. I kept pushing myself. My highest streak is 48 days. Ever since I found NoFap my life has changed and took a 180 degree turn in the right direction i must give my thanks to the good Lord himself.

What amazed me about NoFap was I never knew that real life could look, feel, smell, taste so VIVID and REALISTIC and never knew that I could be such a better person by not jacking off. I QUIT DRUGS. I QUIT ALCOHOL. AND I QUIT CIGARETTES 100%. I journal every single morning.

I read books in order to rebuild my brain from the damage done from drugs. I lift heavy weights and am in the process of building a great physique and the results are really showing. Im way stronger than I used to be and people ask if im in football or sports.

My social life is AMAZING. I now have real friends who care about me and respect my decisions. Im back in school, im a JUNIOR in high school and my grades are so much higher!!!

I have a beautiful girlfriend named India who loves, understands, and supports me!! I have over $2000 saved for a vehicle!!! Everything is falling into place. But here’s the thing. I dont take credit for any of it. It is GOD who has helped me make it this far. It is God who has blessed me and was there for me when no one else was. Who provided hope and a way out of the deep dark hole i was in.

I am well on my way to an orgasmless october and giving this up once and for all. I am sober and i am focused. I dont want to be 17 and still struggling with pmo. I am above this and so are you.

That is my story i hope you enjoy. I really hope you read the whole thing. Let my story serve as a source of hope and inspiration for anyone in a deep dark hole.

LINK – Hope and Inspiration for anyone in a deep dark hole. 16 years old. My story.

By punkgiraffe