Age 16 – Cleared my head big time, Big confidence boost, Able to actually engage in REAL conversations with girls, Relationships have improved


I started this when I was 15, but I turned 16 last month and just reached the big 90! The journey started on April 16, like my username shows, but on May 13th I had too much free time and well, relapsed. But how has the 90 days changed me?

  • Well for starters, cleared my head big time. I was always a good student but stopping altogether gave me an even bigger boost.
  • I also asked my first girl to the big sophomore dance! So a big confidence boost as well.
  • I am able to actually engage in REAL conversations with girls that lead them to wanting to talk more which is wild. Although I will admit, this practically killed my game virtually (texting, snapchatting, etc.) but I’m okay with that trade off because I think real in-person conversations are more important.
  • My relationships that had existed prior to starting this also improved as well!
  • All around more energy as well.

I was considering relapsing once I hit 90 because this was just to show I had self control for the most part, but now after the benefits, I’m determined to not fap the whole year while I’m 16, cheers everyone!

LINK – 16 and just reached my 90 days!

by April16th2016