Age 16 – Energy, good sleep, grades are SKYROCKETING


First : What about the superpowers? I want to start this post by stating a quick, but extremely important, point. NoFap is much more than Not-Faping and feeling those “superpowers”. NoFap is about facing your dark side head on. All the bullshit, all the problems, all the emotions, all the broken pieces of you and your mind. AT ONCE.

And thats the part you don’t always read in this reports.

Why is NoFap worth it, then?

By the time I started NoFap, in the 1st of November, I was an unconfident and somehow lost 15 y/o boy. I used to PMO arround 2 times per day, and spend my time playing videogames and doing those kind of stuff.

Right now, about 4 months later my life changed dramatically. Im no longer that lost, “normal”, blinded by a entertainment obcessed society 15 y/o boy. Im a 16 y/o grown up, disciplined and unique man. I no longer live to please others. I live buried in my values and what people think about me, honestly, is not my problem. I HAVE GOALS. I HAVE A PURPOSE.

One big problem I had was my dependence on aproval from people arround me, leading to overthinking even the most simple social interactions. Well, its not a problem anymore.

I live the way I want to, and I nearly don’t care about what people think of that.

The benefits

Im not a “superpower” supporter. I definetily feel benefits, but I dont like the term “Superpowers”, because it seems they are just gifted to you. Nope.

You change during NoFap. And that changes will cost you a lot of sweat. The “Superpowers”, or “benefits”, or whatever the fuck, are the prize you get.

My benefits, in a nutshell were:

  • I learned to Trust myself;´
  • I learned to Accept myself, my feelings and thoughts;
  • I learned to Respect myself (Huge one);
  • I learned to LOVE myself (even bigger one).

Everything else came from that. The confidence, the looks from both men and women, the way people respect me. The insane motivation of just living and being alive, the mindfulness, the calmness of my soul, and the positive energy, that people DEFINITELY notice. The acceptance that I have to myself, my thoughts and my emotions is what makes me happy even when I’m feeling depressed

Other benefits:

  • More energy and good sleep
  • Creativity. I play a lot of music, and I also write poetry. The feeling I get doing that and the creativity is great. My energy flows to creating art, building my future and improving myself.
  • I got to know myself
  • No more time wasted browsing social media, playing shitty games, no more emotions being numbed.
  • Loads of motivation to pursue my goals and to face the chalenges that it brings.
  • Grades are SKYROCKETING.
  • An unending urge and confidence to get out of my confort zone, where life starts.
  • Stronger hair/facial hair
  • No more objectifying women. No more pedestrals. No more bullshit. I see them as I see any human being.
  • Love and gratitude of being with my familly, friends, beloved ones, and people in general.
  • A shining light in my eyes , that I will always protect from PMO and other bad stuff out there.

As I said, I love music. And I love writting. I started writting and playing much much much more. My instrument skills improved reaaaally much, and I am thinking of doing some songwritting and recordings. I also got into a music school. I think I can say I discovered myself and my purpose.

I figured out that I love Psychology and I’m working smarter to reach tthat goal in school. Grades are rising principally because I found the point of studying.

Not bad, for someone who months ago had no clue about what he was doing here in earth.

Basically, I started doing this to get in touch with my inner self. I started to see that I was living without a clear purpose, and overthinking and caring far too much about others opinions. I think  this was one of the things that I really wanted to change in my life, and that initially made me follow this lifestyle.

And now: The backstage


I basically changed my life upside down while in NoFap, because I realized what made sense or what didn’t. I didn’t only gave up on PMO. I gave up in Videogames. I gave up in Social Media. I started Meditation, I started Cold Showers, I implemented a studying habit. Sounds nice, right?

The problem is that, when you cut out your external stimulation like this, It won’t be confortable. Its like your fucked up mind turns into a crazed lion, and, when you are feeling down, it gets extremelly hard to be alone on your own.

I had lots of bad days. I had lots of moodswings. I suffered a lot: Not from external things, from myself. I sufered a lot in the hands of that crazed lion that my mind turned into in my dark moments.

I felt purposeless.

I felt pointless.

I felt meaningless.

I felt a piece of shit.

I felt broken.

A lot of times.

But, as time went by, I learned to accept those emotions and thoughts. I learned that, whatever the fuck I’m feeling, I must accept it, and carry on (meditation played a huge role on this)

And, as time went by, I got stronger, and bad days got less and less important in the big picture of my life.

And I still have them.

But they dont define me anymore.

To finish it up:

I didn’t made this post to make you remember me as another fapstronaut that is just enjoying those 90 day “superpowers” . Because, after all, we all know the benefits. And they exist, trust me. NoFap pays off really, really well.

I dont want you to remember me as another “superpower” claimer.

I made this, for you guys who are struggling, to remember me as the 16 y/o guy – who even though struggling really hard, facing demons and facing his fucked up mind head on – kept commited, held on, kept fighting, and MADE IT. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Because your preserverance and bravery is what matters at the end of the day. Not the looks you get from girls.

You are much stronger than you think. Keep winning, brothers.

LINK – An honest 90 day report.

By JeSuisGomes