Age 16 – From depressed, mean guy to cool guy everybody wants to be around


Today i reached 90 days. This is the best i have felt in my entire life, I started pmo at 12 years old, I’m now 16. my habits quickly spiraled out of control. It could take up to an hour to find a video that satisfied me.  In real life i was very impulsive, I got angry easily and the main reason for this was because of my toxic friends, we were always mean to each other.

During the first 40 days of nofap I had extreme urges, was sleepy and barely noticed any benefits.

At around 40 days I realized I couldn’t be with my old friends anymore. I couldn’t change my life when i was around negative people all of the time. I stopped talking to them all together and that’s when I really started to notice the benefits. I was very happy, motivated, caring, didn’t think about pmo much at all.

Ever since that my life has changed for the better. Now I feel like i have healed completely. I never get urges, I think pmo is gross and a waste of time. I’ve become much more “alpha”, I get much more female attention,

I went from being the depressed mean guy to becoming the cool guy everybody wants to be around. Nofap has really changed my life and i encourage all of you to stop masturbating! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

LINK – Started nofap 90 days ago, best decision of my life

By nofapperlol