Age 16 – Got a girlfriend, studying improved, socializing more


It’s really amazing how many changes happened and still happening to me since i stopped with PMO. I met a lot of new people. I have been started going out more (even too much for my parents), like hangin out with friends in the bar, night clubbing and similar.

I got myself a girlfriend (first, I’m currently 16) and I have so much confidence since i quit with it.Old Me is finally back after 5 long years.

I started on October 7th ,then relapsed on October 25th and since then I dont feel any urge to fap again.It’s like something in my brain switched and gave me completely different look on porn as it’s something disgusting and evil and it really is.

I just hope that i won’t feel any stronger urges so I can go on with my new real life because few seconds of pleasure simply isn’t worth it and when you understand that you learned to control yourself Stay strong ! 🙂

I heard about [r/nofap]  and when i read some of the comments i just decided to give it a shot and it turns out that it was probably best decision i made in months!

There are many benefits you can experience but then again that also depends on where you are and what is your social environment like.

I also noticed that my studying improved because now i actually feel the need to learn something when i know i can get examed or when I have a test.

I wish you great luck to stop and again live the right way and experience real life :))

LINK – So many changes !!

by blacksails007