Age 16 – I can talk to girls 100x easier

I made it guys. 100 days! The past 100 days have definitely been life changing. I’m not crediting everything to NoFap, but it was a very useful tool that helped me get to where I am now.

After stopping masturbating and watching porn I can talk to girls 100x easier. I can actually be friends with girls and talk to them like everyone else. This helped me get the girl I’ve been dating for about a month!

There have been several occasions during sexy-time where my past self would have been awkward, but with my new self I am confident. There’s no way the old me would have talked to that beautiful girl and gotten her number.

As a 16 year-old this has been pretty difficult but very rewarding. Now I am working on channeling this confidence into my gym habits and school work. Stay strong guys & keep on truckin’.

LINK – Day 100 | 16 y/o

by JustChooseOne