Age 16 – I feel like I’m picking up where I left off when I was ten

I’m 16 and from the UK. I know, I’m young, but I’ve probably gone through all the shit you’ve gone through. I’ve been depressed, made poor decisions with my life, lost some people i loved because of the addiction and suffered some ED here and there.

I was addicted to porn since I was ten years old, after watching a Family Guy episode that taught me how to M and was addicted ever since (6 years straight)

I began to open my eyes around 15, when I started to like a girl, but never really got past about 2 weeks or so.

I started watching YouTube videos (about an hour a night) about the science of porn addiction and success stories and suddenly I realised… I can stop this; it’s just a little part of my brain saying “do it” and I can just say no, and I have and now I’d like to think I’m free.

I feel happy. I felt like I’m picking up where I left off when I was ten. My emotions have settled down, I’m calm when people ask me questions, I CAN SPEAK TO GIRLS – without stuttering or messing up or some shit.

I’m feeling pretty good – a few days ago i actually started to flirt with the girl i liked, and i snuggled a bit with her later that night – and that’s about as far as ive ever gone

All in all, you can do it. Since I’ve been doing this people have always said “you’re a bit young” or something similar, as ‘apparently’ it’s hard for teenagers to snap out of all the pmo, but it’s really not. With enough determination you can do anything, my life feels like a dream, and if want you to feel the same way…

thanks for reading lads. If you need some support or you have some questions or whatever, speak to me on kick or on here, my kik name’s SuchALemons


LINK – Day 47? – i lost count after 30;)

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