Age 16 – I lived by this in the beginning: “I am not as strong willed as I think I am.”

[From comments] At 14 porn became a serious issue turning me into an anti social, hateful person with erectile dysfunction. I’ve pretty well been trying to quit since then I’m 16 years old now. Yes I have seen benefits my erectile dysfunction has definitely been clearing up other things Ive noticed I can’t really say are directly related to NoFap.

Method 1: I literally ran away from the pornography that had turned me into a horrible person and given me porn induced erectyle dysfunction. I gathered up some money and moved out of my parents house. I can only access the internet in public areas now. I cannot possibly relapse in my own house.

Method 2: I lived by this phrase in the beginning “I am not as strong willed as I think I am.” I did not trust myself to be around porn, so I did not go to my parents house for a while. I trust myself enough now to not view pornography when I sleep at their place.

Method 3: having my girlfriend there to talk to about it. She still doesn’t know its porn because I fear what her reaction will be.

Method 4: “Death and rebirth.” The day and days after relapse I refer to as “death” and they are very important to recovery I go on a massive porn binge for a day or two then sulk around the house, sleeping, eating junk food and feeling sorry for myself letting all the depression and self hatred out. Then comes “rebirth” I do something that is a little dangerous perhaps but makes me feel so unbelievably alive something that reminds me what life is and what’s it’s all about, adventure, excitement. The last time I simply jumped on my bicycle with nothing but clothes and my bank book with no direction and no intention to come back til I was ready.

So those are my methods I hope it can help you guys, that’s really what I want to do now is help other No Fappers because I know how difficult this is. Good luck guys and gals, you’ll make it someday 😉

LINK – 90 days: My slightly extreme methods of getting there.

by allwittynamesgone