Age 16 – I make friends easier, many other benefits

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These are all things I’ve experienced for the better while abstaining from masturbation and porn. After experiencing these results with more to come I honestly think nofap could cure cancer, or prevent it. Nofap definitely appears to be the ‘normal’ state a human should be in.


-Increased energy.

-Increased courage

-Higher tolerance for pain. It’s not dramatic but I’ve noticed it, I feel pain more vividly but I’m more tolerant towards it. Or something.

-Increased productivity – I feel the need to get things done that will benefit me, I’m still playing video games but that will surely change soon.

-My hygiene is better – I also feel less dirty. I think I could go without showering for 5 days and still remain as clean as those that shower everyday, though I shower often to experience the benefits from cold showers.

-Skin glows

-Improved sleep cycle. I’m sleeping less and more depending on how long I stay up for. Waking up early is much easier, and more of a habit now.

-Waking up is easy. I don’t have to stay in bad for 15 minutes stretching my legs, although I still do feel a bit of tire upon wake.

-People can read my emotions easier when I’m not trying to hide them, it improves confidence in a way.

-Happiness – I’ve always been generally happy but now I feel like I have something to fall back on.

-Women and men are more attracted to me, whether it be sexual or not.

-I breathe better, I had decent breathing but it’s better.

-Physically improved – I lift more and can do body weight exercises much longer before stopping.

-Increased penile size. – I have flashbacks from the age of 14 of me having a 7″ penis, I couldn’t figure out why it had shrunk and guessed it was lack of test, which may or may not be true but after going on nofap my erections are noticeably larger. I’m guessing if I didn’t discover nofap I would of been very close to having PIED. I’m only 16.

-Improved digestion

-Urine shoots out much faster and further.

-Better senses, all of them quite noticeable with my visual perception being massively increased, distance not so much but I’ve always had great eyesight distance.

-Stronger hair and nails, they also grow faster and are not only stronger but have better shape too.

-No brain fog

-Increased mindfulness. This also applies for the next point I was going to make. I was always into lucid dreaming and had to do WILD (google if you don’t know what this means) to achieve lucidity which ruined my sleeping pattern, I didn’t want to try achieving lucidity from sleep paralysis either for obvious reasons. Now I can acquire lucidity far easier in dreams, due to being able to differentiate reality because of the increased visuals of them + dream exercises.

-Increased desire to socialize + I make friends easier.

-I recover from injurys easier? Although small cuts is the only ‘injury’ I’ve had on nofap, the recovery process for such is definitely faster.

-Increased desire for sunlight

-IT FEELS LIKE I HAVE A SOUL. I feel it in my core, it helps me talk to people and when I hurt somebody I feel it in my throat, I want to correct all my wrongdoings.

-When i’m enraged rocks start flying everywhere and my hair turns yellow

I’m 16. I heard about this at the age of 14, I just needed the willpower to start, which was a few months ago. Holy shit. I never thought I started this early, but I think I was having wet dreams at the age of 8.. This may have been because I was almost kidnapped by a women (seriously) and my mum gave me a talk which I hardly remember. I was a smart kid and used the internet often because I could only talk to a few people my age without feeling like an idiot, and they didn’t go to the same school as I did. Using the internet often led me to eventually stumbling across porn sites, I guess. My prediction is I started watching porn at the age of 10.

My mental age was much higher than you’d think though, I remember correcting my teacher who didn’t know how to properly use ‘it’s’ under a certain condition and thought Microsoft word was bugged.

LINK – Big list of nofap benefits I’ve noticed and experienced.

By kiramaza