Age 16 – I used to be shy as hell: But with NoFap, this is no longer a thing.


So, i wanted to make this post for a long time, but I had to study, so, here it goes. About 75 days ago, I was a shy, Antisocial, I didn’t have Auto-esteem, I used to spend most of my time thinking how I would have sex with every girl I knew, and I only cared about me in the bad way. I was a true shitty ass man. No one liked me, not even myself. Everyday I remember how stupid was to use my hand pretending I’m having sex with someone, while thinking on a girl or watching someone having sex in pixels. I used to be just a semen dispenser.

Also, I got really depressed, not only because of PMO, but because I used to like this girl a lot. We used to be really good friends. And one thing takes me to another, like a cycle. I can’t that girl, I fap, I get depressed, I can’t get that girl because I’m depressed and so on…

A couple days ago I talked a lot with her. We didn’t meet for like 2 or more months, but she made me remember why I liked her in the first place. I love her personality, and even thought that it was just a normal talk, it was the best in years. With that, I realised how PMO distorted my image about women.

So, I wanted to write this for more than a week, but finally I got a bit of free time. So, here it comes a Wall of text.

About, 120+ days ago, i used to be like some of you might be when on PMO. I used to be really insecure, Antissocial, Shy, a pussy and a shitty ass person.

I remember how stupid was to use my hand to pretend to have Sex with a girl, like it was some sort of vagina and how i was fooling my body and brain that I was having Sex.

Also, I remember how badly I was attracted to some Pixels. Now that im into NoFap, I don’t know why my old Me was doing watching people fucking on the internet. You can’t fool your brain more that pretending to have sex, while watching people fucking, on a screen.

And by fooling my brain and body, I got depressed. I couldn’t “make” a girl that I really liked to like me aswell, I was a true Idiot to my whole family and I had no friends. I was a “nobody” to everyone and to me. I only had my addictions.

And if you think, all of this is a cycle: You are depressed, so you FAP. You are depressed, because you FAP.

This might sound stupid, but the last time I watched porn, was the best ever. I was on my 90th day of NoFap, but I don’t know why I thought that was a excuse to watch some porn. But this is what made it the best time that I watched porn: I watched it for 30 seconds and it was enough to realise how stupid Pornography is! It’s an industry where people are faking out love, sounds and affections, and how that is making man zombies, by making them do alone, what they are supposed to do with a partner.

And this is affecting not only how we behave, but also is distorting the image of women to man.

Before I started NoFap, I would see women as some sort of Automatic Sex Toys, and I would only care about their breasts, asses and curves. Of course that I still like these 3 things above (I’m still a man), but that cant beat their personality, and you stop looking to their body and start to look in their eyes.

I know that some of you want to do NoFap for the same reason as I used too, to get a girlfriend or attract a load of girls. That’s a good motivation, but NoFap isn’t about girls and you wont get any by only doing it.

On the first 7 days you get some “superpowers”, you feel great and all that good things… And after they disappear you get bored, annoyed and back to PMO….. But if I tell you that those aren’t the real superpowers and they take time to come? And that NoFap isn’t going to give you them?

As I told you, I used to be shy, insecure, blah blah… even before getting into PMO. I couldnt’ talk with anyone, not even people that I knew, I was insecure about everything, even asking for some beverage somewhere. But for me, NoFap it’s a window. A window to self improvment, that helped me stop being what i used to be since I was a kid.

Next year It will be my prom, and every boy needs to ask a girl to go to it with him, and this is hard to do, because you don’t know if she wants to go with you or if she already has a partner. But do you know what happend to me? I had two girls “fighting” to know which one would go with me, and some days later other two asking me asking if I could go with them. I don’t know if this is bad luck, but i dont want go with any of this four… Even if they are pretty, I want to go with a girl that means alot to me.

Now I feel the need to talk, even if I just go the bakery buy some bread (I dont know why the hell this example, but ok), I really like to start a conversation. And if you want to start a conversation, just think what to ask, because everyone arround you is INTERESTING IN SOME WAY, even if it’s a baker!

Beside becoming more social, I stopped playing any games, and watching youtube videos. Now I’m learning how to code and how to improve myself in every aspect, and I feel so proud.

After a while, you start to love yourself more and more, not only your personality and because you are proud of yourself, but also, your physical you.

On PMO, everytime I’d look on a mirror, I would think “meh” and didn’t care about how I looked. Even knowing that I’m skinny, everytime I do it, I smile to myself and think “Man, you are looking fucking awesome, even if you just woke up like 5 minutes ago!” and I try to dress the best way possible.

And your life gets better because you do it so! And another cycles appear: You love yourself, so the others like you. You love yourself because others like you You feel proud because you are improving. You are improving because you make yourself more and more proud.

And everyday, my life gets better, but not because i just stopped masturbating, but because I work for it, and that’s what everyone should do and whta makes not only NoFap, but your life interesting!

And like I do on every one of my reports, I will answer some questions to the old me (and new people on NoFap):

Yes, I know it’s painful, but it’s like removing a bad tooth, it hurts a lot when you have it, and more while removing it (urges), but when it’s gone, it’s a relief.

No, isn’t worth doing just “this time”. Every time you relapse it gets harder to be back on NoFap.

No, you shouldn’t relapse, but if you do so, isn’t a complete reset. You already made some progress and you should keep doing it. (As I say in my last report) It’s like going to somewhere on bike. You can take the time you want. You should avoid every obstacle(urges) to avoid falling. If you fall, it hurts, but it doesnt mean you should be back to the start, but that you need to be more careful to avoid any obstacle ahead of your journey. But dont take it as an excuse!

No, you dont need to masturbate. Your body as everything prepaired for you so you can retain your sperm without any problems.

No, there is no problem with wet dreams, is just you being man, and your brain stimulating that.

Don’t set days, don’t count, just keep going, because you have no limits, NoFap is forever!

Yes, after some time you stop getting urges, but if you do get them, just take a cold shower, distract yourself and avoid thinking/fantasising about sex or “that girl”. Also, do some pushups.

And why is it worth doing? You start to love yourself and everyone arround you too, and by doing that you become a happy person, and there isnt a better feeling than feeling happy, so work for it!

Yes, you become way less shy, and you start DONT GIVING A FUCK about what the others think or say. (If you feel good with yourself, you will not need others to make you to do so)

Sorry for the wall of the text and my english, and I hope I helped in some way!

I wanted to write this because I want to pay to the community, who completly changed my life, but every Upvote makes me more and more happy and hyped to continue my journey. Also, I hope you comment something, about the text and questions 😀

LINK – 120+ day report.

By 4bezi

Most of us start doing this challenge because of that girl, because you want her, or you want to be a girl magnet, but you are wrong. NoFap is about self-improvement.

On the first 7 days you feel “superpowers”, and after that, what happens? You just get bored, and you go back to PMO. Why? For me, NoFap is a door for a better place. As I said before, this is supposed to make you be a better person, Socially and Mentally.

I used to be shy as hell, even before getting into PMO addiction. I couldn’t even say hello to people that I knew, or ask for help/something. I used to be a lot addicted to video games. I used to make every excuse to stay home and play.

But with NoFap, this isn’t no longer a thing. Now, usually, while having a small talk with anyone, I really like to start a conversation. When I go out at night, it’s the same thing. In one party I talked with everyone there! I don’t want to be “popular”, but I just felt the need to do that. Everyone around you is interesting in some way!

And every day, my life gets better, but not because I just stopped masturbating, but because I work for it, and that’s what everyone should do!

And now I can answer some questions to the old me and some people new to NoFap:

Yes, I know it’s painful, but it’s like removing a bad tooth, it hurts a lot when you have it, and more while removing it (urges), but when it’s gone, it’s a relief.

No, you don’t need to masturbate, your body does what it needs to do.

It isn’t worth just to watch a bit or just doing this time, every time you relapse it gets harder to get back on NoFap.

But if you relapse, it isn’t the end of the world, just continue trying. If you are riding a bicycle and you need to get somewhere, if you fall, doesn’t mean you have to go back to where you started, but you need to be more careful to don’t fall again.

No, don’t count, because this is forever, not for 90 days or like that, only have an idea how many days you are on, because this makes you feel stronger when you are having urges.

Yes, after a time, you won’t feel urges, it gets better, so keep going, because you know you will get there.

And finally, love yourself. If you don’t, no one will do love you.

I posted this, not to show off my progress, but to “pay back” what this subreddit gave to me, and help people who want to do this challenge.

I hope I helped, sorry for my English and the wall of text.

LINK – 75+ day report.

by 4bezi