Age 16 – Improved magnificently as an individual


My longest streak. Ever. I’ve made new friends, lifted hundreds of pounds more than I ever have before, done things that I have never even considered I would do, and improved magnificently as an individual. I credit this all to nofap – without it, I would have never had the ability to push myself as much as I did and become who I have become today. And now it is time to start again.

To an even longer streak!

I am 16 years old, been trying nofap since 13 or 12 I believe. Most likely severe depression and lack of confidence/social life led me to nofap. Nofap has given me wonderful improvements in my life – I squat 365+, bench 250+ and deadlift is unknown, I should really max soon for that. In addition, I have made many wonderful friends and my quality of life has improved drastically. No chaser yet

I believe I relapsed because I simply forgot about how bad it is for you, I lost the purpose and the why of nofap. I believe it is necessary to visit this website every so often to remind ourselves why we do this, because after a while we forget. That’s what happened to me. So to answer your question, I viewed it as a learning expierence. I’m still having plenty of those considering I’m 16 haha 🙂 I have a long road ahead of me, but I am confident that I have the strength to overcome any urges and anything life throws at me. 🙂

LINK – I broke a 254 day streak today

By Goldtip1