Age 16 – Motivated to do everything, more social & feel incredibly energetic in everything I do

90 days going strong! I can proudly say that I have not fapped for 90 days! (Who’s actually able to say that? None of my friends tbh). Well let’s go ahead and talk about the changes and the FLATLINE.

The benefits

  • I feel incredibly energetic in everything I do
  • I have fun and I am enjoying it to learn new things (improved my English for school, started learning Japanese, reading A LOT..)
  • I am motivated to do everything, that might help me grow as a person or just improve my life; I’m cooking every day -> living healthy, going to gym 4 times a week etc.
  • I am totally in love with eye contact! It’s a great tool to show someone you like them or just being attentive and thoughtful. I always had problems with keeping eye contact to basically anyone; even parents or with teachers

Another thing not only I noticed is that I’m much cooler and confident around people, especially around girls huehuehue A friend of mine asked me yesterday “Dude what’s your trick, everyone loves your attendance! And xxx and xxx really seem to have a crush on you! Help me to get like this” – So I told him about NoFap and I hope he will get through this, too

The Flatline

It started at around 50 days and stayed for like 30 days. This time was really really hard. I thought a lot about trying to fap, just to see if it’s still working. But I stayed strong and I can write this post! But after it’s over you will feel like a fucking god, trust me.

So my fellows, I hope this post helps you and motivates you! It is really damn worth it, have a good evening 🙂

LINK – 90 days report

by GragasOwnage


INITIAL POST – 34 days report (16 year old)

Hey guys and thank you for this community! I’m kinda new to reddit and I hope that my post is ok. I’m also sorry for my English.. So I decided to start NoFap because I knew that I had a problem with pornography and masturbation. I’m a social guy, mostly centered in every conversation. But in situations where there are like a few strangers I start acting totally awkward, my heart starts beating like a machine gun, my face gets red and I start stuttering. I never knew what the problem was.. At the beginning I edged and relapsed a lot, really a lot.. but I’m even more glad that I made it to 34 days!

Things I noticed

  • Much more active, willing to do something and sit around
  • Getting MUCH better out of the bed in the morning (has always been my problem)
  • Willing to learn for school
  • Going to Gym 4 times a week, been always to lazy before
  • (almost) not acting awkward in social situations
  • Getting in touch with girls and meeting sometimes
  • (biggest point) I became much happier overall, I see many things positive now and I’m not looking for the negative in everything

A big thank you for this community, trying to stay clean!!