Age 16 – Much more self-confident, Greater energy, I am always happy, Deeper voice, Penis hard as concrete


Oh my god ! Oh my god ! Oh my god ! I actually made it to frigging 90 days! Back from the end of August to the beginning of October 2015, I had my first real streak, 42 days.This has been really awesome for me to be able to abstain from PMO for such a long period. Back then I used to believe only after 1 month of no PMO that I was cured, and that I would never fap again.

Now, even at this very moment, I’m scared about the possibility of me relapsing in the future.

Nofap has taught me so much in the last couple of months, and when I finally beat my record, it felt so good. But now I’m at more than twice my old record, I’m at 90 days !

Now I’m willing to fight to make the 15th December of 2015 the last day I fapped, I know this is going to be hard, but I hope I can achieve this, now I’m focused on short term milestones (the next one for me is 120 days), but let’s dream !

Enough said, let’s see where it gets interesting.

Here are the negative points about abstaining from PMO these last 90 days:

  • Oh my god this is hard seriously, I’ve been so close to relapsing like 5 times.
  • Always horny it gets better, but in general I’m always horny.
  • Wet dreams every 2-3 weeks or so, I have a wet dream, this is super annoying, but it’s nothing compared to the almighty powers Nofap gives me.

Here are the positive points about abstaining from PMO these last 90 days:

  • No more shame this was a huge issue for me, now I’m able to look at myself in a mirror and to be proud of me, being able to say “I didn’t fap in a while”.
  • More energy seriously, this is so awesome, I’m always full of energy and ready to rock.
  • Self-confidence it took time to notice it, but I’ve become much more self-confident, and this is truly helpful !
  • Meditation I seriously started to meditate, this is really cool seriously, you should try it out (I’m using Headspace!)
  • Girls even though I haven’t found a girlfriend, many different girls (at least 9) have told that they find me handsome (several times for some of them)
  • Comfort Zone I’m always getting out of my comfort zone, this is so cool, with time, I’m becoming less and less scared about unknown.
  • Deeper voice I might just be making this up but I think my voice is deeper, nobody else seems to have noticed it, but anyway, my voice is possibly deeper.
  • Happiness I am always happy, never mad. It takes much more time to irritate me or to make me sad or angry. I actually had a “mini depression” back in December and now it’s all gone, life is just great!
  • Hard as concrete just talking with my crush, looking at her in the eyes is starting to give me a boner. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be when I will experience sex.

Well, I think this sums up my last 90 days pretty well, let me know if you have any question guys, keep fighting!

Apologies for my bad English, I’m actually a 16 years old French guy but I will be doing my best for you fellow fapstronauts, let me know any grammar mistakes

LINK – 90 Days Report – I’m 16 and this is awesome!

by MyZoum