Age 16 – My first 280 days

The extra motivation and life energy you gain during the process of NoFap are significant. I feel great and am enjoying life in its entirety getting most out of it.

I have had my education and my sport to put all my focus on. That has made it easier to quit PMO, I am busy all the time. A passion that is bigger than your urge of PMO is difficult to find but if you find it you see that PMO is the one to drop.

I made the conscious decision to relapse last night. This decision was the result of me having a extremely high libido and I wanted to just pull the trigger, also I was quite curious if it would be different. It was not different and I lasted about 30 seconds.

I was well aware of “ruining” my streak, but that is the only thing that I am bit sad about. I would have liked to have made a year, but for all the other stuff I don’t really care. I am well passed my reboot and stopped feeling better and improving due to NoFap about 3 months ago. I have made the change in lifestyle and have lost my addiction. These 280 days are going to be wrapped into plastic foil and put on the shelf as experience. Not feeling like I have lost something. I would be worse off if I had not fapped.

I wish all you strugglers out there the best of luck, let’s make it to a year, or not, we’ll see where I end up!

I have turned 16 in may. I am not intending on starting to PMO again, I am aware of the effects.

LINK – Smiley face is back. Relapse after 280 days.

by ManSpecial