Age 16 – No depression, A clear mind, Better concentration & memory, I respect woman & look at them as a person, Boring activities are more fun


I’m 16 years old from Europe. I was previously known as QuittingForever. I started a journal just over a year ago. I was sick of being addicted to something I was ashamed of. So I came across this website and started to learn a lot of things. I learned to:

  • Cope with urges
  • What an addiction actually is
  • How to better my life in general by doing daily simple activities
  • Look at woman naturally
  • Deal with problems instead of running away from it

I attempted many times and many times I failed, but all what matters is to pick yourself up and keep going. Learn from your faults and you’ll eventually be able to beat this addiction. Here’s a top 10 what worked for me:

  1. Not being on your Smartphone before sleeping. Put it out of reach. Make it a rule.
  2. Replacing your bad habits with new habits to put your energy in
  3. Rewarding yourself after a period of time. I watched my favourite movie each time I hit a new goal
  4. Writing in your journal daily and learn from other people’s feedback
  5. Do something different when you know you are tempted
  6. Stop watching tempting videos (nsfw-related)
  7. Keep yourself busy (especially during the weekends)
  8. Helping other people
  9. Taking cold showers (although I didn’t do that for 3 months… But it did work)
  10. Being productive, it prevents you from escaping your reality by PMO

Here’s what benefits NoFap gave me:

  • A clear mind
  • No depression
  • Better short term memory
  • Facial hair grows faster (which is kinda annoying really )
  • Music sounds better
  • Better concentration
  • Boring activities are more fun
  • No worries about what to say and not to say in a group
  • I respect woman and look at them as a person
  • Some more things I can’t recall right now

It’s definitely worth it and no matter how hard it is. Please don’t give up. I know it’s hard but you’ll have to look at the bigger picture.

I still got things to work on and I’ll continue to do so. Thanks for reading and supporting me through this journey!!


LINK – 90 days completed – My story

BY – Quiver