Age 16 – Nofap changed my life… Priceless benefits

I am 16 years old and have been PMOing for about 3 years– roughly 1-2 times a day. I used to be very social in middle school until eighth grade when I began PMOing, I turned very depressed, anxious, lonely and sad.

I hated my life. This continued up until this most recent streak I am on. I never put two and two together and realized that this is what caused all (or most) of my problems, until earlier this year when I discovered this site.

I was infatuated with people’s stories and the benefits they reaped from participating in this life style. I tried several times to stop but I always had the mentality that i could always just start again tomorrow and feel good today and fap. Until this most recent streak. I am not going to say how long I have been PMO free because I believe everyone feels the effects at different time periods but it’s been a few weeks since my last time and I feel 100% better!!

The benefits I have noticed without a doubt are as follows; SOCIAL ANXIETY GONE; I have–for the past few years– been extremely anxious/nervous in social situations, feeling I didn’t fit in or wasn’t adding to the conversation and acting weird, I was extremely self-conscious about my social skills. I haven’t ever got a girlfriend in my life because I was always scared I couldn’t fit that role. But recently my conversations are effortless and just all around 100% better. I am beginning to flirt with girls at work or in school without thought and for once in my life I’m beginning to receive attention from them in a very positive way. This is amazing for a guy like me!

CONFIDENCE/SELF-ESTEEM; for once I am proud of who I am. I take pride in how I look and act and am happy with what I am as a person. This has never been the case before, and it feels amazing.

MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS; I have been diagnosed with severe depression, social and regular anxiety, and I always felt tired and unmotivated. All of this has changed! The depression is 100% gone, the anxiety is 90% gone and I am incredibly energetic throughout the entire day. I have been able to work out on a daily basis and am seeing great results! I am so incredibly motivated to better myself in every way I can think of, which I think is one of the greatest benefits of nofap

I AM HAPPY; never in all my life have I said and meant that… Until now. I for once in my life have serenity, great faith in God, and an all around optimistic point of view on everything!

I am so thankful for this website and movement and everything. Sorry for such a long post but I just wanted to say a lot. I really hope that you (if your still struggling maintaining nofap time) are able to overcome this shallow lifestyle and able to experience what I have been able to experience. Thanks for reading this, God bless.

LINK – Nofap changed my life… Priceless benefits

by Teagan101