Age 16 – NoFap makes you a #1

I have been lonely, afraid, and weak for so long. Not anymore. I have been holding the longest streak I’ve ever had, and suddenly I can flirt with ease, have tons of friends, and I am super happy day by day.

Even started writing a whole story. At first it seemed crazy, how could such a simple thing do this? But you know what, it IS crazy, but it’s also TRUE.

NoFap makes you a #1. Yeah, saying that is edgy and cringey as fuck, but it’s true. Masturbating just makes you a worthless #2, which is what I’ve been for so long, and have gotten away from thanks to you, brothers and sisters.

NoFap also trained me for even more streaks, dieting, excersize, all this stuff I used to to be completely incapable of.

It’s like seeing the world black and white your whole life, and one day, you wake up… and see full color. NoFap brings such a livelyness to your life.

Never used porn, but I did masturbate for like… 5 years, daily, more than daily, actually.

I’m 16, so still in highschool, but that doesn’t mean this is any less of a good thing.

LINK – Christmas post about everything you did for me.

by NoName12321