Age 16 – Overhauled my life


My God it’s been a journey. Last year I had zero friends, and spent 100% of my free time either jerking off or playing videogames. It is amazing to compare the old me to what I am today. Now I have amassed quite a few friends, have become infinitely more confident and for the most part overhauled my life.

I now indulge in good habits instead of bad, such as meditation, reading, and working out. Along with dropping most of the time wasting activities that used to be my entire life, such as mindlessly scrolling through Reddit and YouTube, videogames, and of course; porn.

I am infinitely grateful to what this community has helped me accomplish and I am very thankful that I have found nofap at the young age of 16, as I see plenty of older men on this subreddit who would die for the chance to stop PMO’ing at the age have.

Overall there are only two tips I can give for those who wish to give up PMO. For one, edging IS relapse, you are simply feeding the addiction exactly what it wants, you are only cheating yourself. And second, nofap alone will not make the changes you wish to see in your life, it is simply a tool that you can use in addition to healthy habits to make the changes you wish to see.

Thanks again for all the support over these 90 days, and here is to 90 more!

LINK – I’m 16 years old, and today I hit 90 days!

By TheRealJamesWarner