Age 16 – PIED better after 3 months


I’ve been addicted for 7 years (I’m 16) but I start to notice some results on the fourth day and from there it’s small results that just keep improving. Since I was 9 I fapped everyday and I always had social anxiety and a little depression and I never had any girlfriends or friends to hang out with.

But for some reason a few months before freshman year I just didn’t fap and I honestly don’t know why but I just stopped. So then a week into freshman year I had my first girlfriend and a bunch of friends and everything was going great, until the end of freshman year. I started fapping again and it all just went downhill. I didn’t have any friends anymore because I didn’t want to hang out with friends, I just wanted to go home and fap.

So what I’m saying is basically all my life I’ve fapped but when I stopped I had a girlfriend.

When I used to pmo every day for a few years I was starting to get ED but when I did nofap for 3 months I was completely fine.


By aSpeedyGuy