Age 16 – PMO made me less motivated, less energetic, and less happy, It made me objectify woman more

Hi Everyone! I am so happy. I have done 90 days of hard mode. It has taken me 2 years to get to the point I am at now. Many Binges, relapses, and multiple cold showers later, I am here. I am a 16 year old boy from the USA. The reason why I did not upload this soon is due to having a party the night of 90 days, not to celebrate 90 days though. I have came a long way, and so can you. You can do it. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, but has been the best thing I have done. Here is my story! And some tips I have for you!

Story Time! So back when I was around 11 I started PMO for the first time. My curiosity could not be held back anymore. I have had a pretty a good life too. I was spoiled a lot. Things started to go from 1 time a week or so to 1 time every 2 to 3 days. This was when I was 12 or 13. But when I learned about about Nofap, back when I was 14, I was doing it every day. Originally I did it to get with the lady’s, but that failed. Then I learned what other areas this could help me with. I could lose weight. I could focus on my study’s better. I could stop objectifying woman. So I became determined to do this. What also helped me was knowing Nofap is a tool. A tool to make me a better person.

The Main reasons why I stopped PMO I really did not want to have PIED. PMO made me less motivated and have less energy. PMO made me less happy. PMO made me objectify woman more. PMO does not help me in any way

Here are some of my tips I can give you!

1.) Always remember, Nofap is a TOOL, you use it to get other areas of your life better, like losing weight or getting rid of depression. Only NOT looking at porn and not smacking your Willie will not get you far, and you will fail.

2.) Do NOT do Nofap just to get with the lady’s. You will just become a really shallow human being, and when the lady’s say no, which they will, you will most likely resort to porn for comfort.

3.) The number one cause of relapses after 30 days is boredom. So do something, read a book, ride a bike, watch a movie with your loved ones.

4.) Always remember, you have control of yourself. You can do what you want.

5.) This is one tip that you should do Let go of any expectation you have of what will happen during rebooting. Everyone is different, and will face different things. You might get some of the benefits until the last couple days. I stress this a lot, because when some of these things don’t happen right away, you will get angry and frustrated with your self, and will probably relapse.

Also I recommend to read the book No More Mr.Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover. This book has helped me so much towards recovery.

Important Links! This is the Nofap Cheat Sheet. I recommend you should also read this. And This site has been talked about a lot, and it is really good. It is an amazing resources, and to me, is required you go and look at it if you want recovery.

Have a nice day everyone! Keep it up with NoFap!

LINK – My 90 Report! +Tips (A bit late)

by Ramanujan87539319