Age 16 – Social anxiety gone, I wake up feeling excited for the day, no longer depressed


I’ll be at 180 days soon, very soon. It’s crazy to think about actually, seems like just recently I was getting excited about getting close to 90. I know what most of you are thinking: “Wow you have a nice streak.” “What superpowers did you get.” “Have you gotten laid?” “What’s different?”

So I’ll answer these, along with any questions I get in the comments. First of all, superpowers is such a strong word, I prefer the word improvements. I haven’t gotten any superpowers, as I can’t fly yet, but I have gotten some improvements. I am more confident, I have literally no social anxiety (and that’s huge coming from the guy who was the quiet shy kid in classes throughout school), I’m not afraid to talk to girls. I look and feel so much better. I wake up feeling excited for the day, and go to sleep excited to wake up. It’s absolutely insane. These improvements have definitely changed my life.

No, I have not gotten laid. The better part of my streak was over the summer, where I was working and had very little interaction with people my age (16). With the beginning of the school year tho, maybe that’ll change. Honestly, everything’s different, my outlook on life has done a 180, I’m not depressed anymore. It’s fucking awesome, being happy about being alive, wanting to talk to people, you have to feel it to know what I’m talking about.

Listen to me, all you people who can’t get past those little streaks of yours. A few days, a week or two, even a month. You need to change that, sure you can come here and cry about your relapse but in the end you’re the one who starts that next streak, and you have to be the one who says “this is it. I’m never going back” because YOU are in control. No one else.

Take back your life. You know you want to.

I had anxiety if I wanted to ask the teacher a question or speak with one of my friends. That’s changed completely. Friday was the first day of class, and I spoke to the class, talking about my summer and I had no anxiety. Spoke in a class where I knew no one and had no anxiety. It’s such a great feeling. And I know it’s hard to believe, but you can do it

I do go to the gym every week, and exercise at home. I also came here on this subreddit a lot during my earlier days, the success stories killed my urges quickly

How are you supposed to look that cute girl in the eyes when a few hours ago you were imagining her naked? You just can’t

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By MiserySenpai

UPDATE – Passed 365 without noticing

Age 16 – From rock bottom to a high point in life

I started nofap because I wanted more confidence. And it definitely helped. I think one of the biggest strategies people on nofap can do [is] just forget about your streak.

Continuously thinking about it is just going to add stress to it and might make it more likely for you to relapse. Anyways, it makes me happy knowing its been over a year. A ton has happened since I’ve started this long streak. In the span of one year, I have:

1) Gone to the gym every single week, I’m a lot stronger and better looking than a year ago.

2) Volunteered hundreds of hours helping kids and other teenagers.

3) Got a job doing something I enjoy while I also do my schooling.

4) Lost my virginity (about 2 months ago)

5) Am a lot more confident and outgoing; I feel so much better about myself and can hold conversations with anyone.

6) lost all my depression and hatred for the world.

Things are a lot better now. ask me anything 🙂 The way I view things. I see purpose and happiness in most things. A simple song or a walk is great

I will be 17 in a month. I found this sub from a YouTube video about a year and a half ago. Don’t remember which though.

Tips? There’s a bunch. I think the most important ones though are working out and just keeping yourself busy. If you have things to do, whether its reading or extracurricular activities or anything, then you can’t have alone time considering whether or not to fap

No reason to leave [nofap], my life is just going upwards, no reason to change that.