Age 16 – The best thing is vastly improved human interaction – people ENJOY my presence


Well… I did it 🙂 120 days of no porn, masturbation, or sex. And trust me – I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon (Masturbating that is). First off: Damn! The first few weeks were hard, but after that it is just keeping your mind and body under control, and knowing how to handle urges. As you have probably heard before – the pro’s far outweigh the con’s.

The most noticeable thing that has come out this is my appreciation of human interaction. I just got back from spending a week with a girl at the beach and it was the absolute best feeling… THE WHOLE TIME. I felt like I was on a never ending high. I was confident and made awkward situations not-so-awkward, something I used to be terrible at. Conversation felt smooth and I didn’t want to leave her presence – because I was having so much damn fun!

A.) 1.) I had control of myself.

2.) Very open to everything – trying new things, having an “anything goes” attitude, open to the conversation at hand.

3.) Didn’t feel like I was hiding anything – and confident about my body.

B.) Still along the lines of human interaction…

1.) Appreciation of every word that comes out of someones mouth – literally

2.) The desire to be around people – constantly

3.) When I’m not around people – especially friends or girls – I feel a very very strong desire to be with them – or just to call them on the phone. I believe that after 120 days this urge will continue to get stronger – showing up at someone’s house or calling them w/o texting them first will become second nature

4.) Laughter is the most incredible and rewarding thing that you can get out of someone – HUMOR wins all. Pretty much everything that comes out of your mouth is humorous to others. After human interaction, work ethic and perseverance have improved dramatically.

1.) Not giving in to going to sleep when a school assignment isn’t complete

2.) Giving that extra 10% doesn’t seem that hard anymore

3.) Generally – just caring about the task at hand. Making sure the assignment that is going to be turned in will impress the teacher/professor.

4.) Staying focused – instead of checking social media or texting in between chapters or study sections, doing pushups or talking to someone.

Next up, athletic performance. – WOW I’m a competitive, young cyclist on a shop team full of 20 and 30 year olds. Not to be cocky but we’re the fastest mofo’s around.

1.) Being 16 and riding with guys who have been riding longer than I have been alive… it’s HARD.

2.) My strength/endurance have improved dramatically – (could be because I have been training harder, but I’m sure NoFap has something to do with it)

3.) Technical riding skills and agility have improved. Riding sections that I have struggled with in the past seems like no big deal anymore. Now sometimes riding these sections faster than people I used to struggle to keep up with

4.) Overall strength has had a large improvement factor.

Final thoughts Erections are so good… so so so good.

Girls are incredibly attractive I don’t know if I am being noticed more or I myself and noticing being noticed – either way it is a positive feeling

No urge to go out and party – (drink, smoke pot, etc..) – although I was never really into that stuff. But does feel like I am resisting it and staying away better than I would have.

Seriously though – if you take one thing out of this, an emphasis on human interaction is what I want you to know. It is so great, for have an urge to be around people and for you and them to ENJOY your presence… great, so so great.

Yeah, and don’t stop after 90 days. I hope it just keeps getting better. I have heard that for some it takes 180 days or so to really experience the positive effects. ANYWAYS, GOOD LUCK Your fellow fapstronaut.

LINK – 120 days = done

By nolan2016