Age 16 – The real me is a smart kid and he’s deadlifting 2x his weight

Yes, everyone here does this, and most the things I say are probably just things you’ve heard already, but I’m gonna type it all anyways.

I started no fap last December, on the 15th. I lasted 6 days. Then after that one, lasted 3, then about a week more of failure each day. This is the first time I’ve gone over 1 month, and the truth is, it’s been easier than that first week was. These 90 days have been easier than some of those times I PMOed in a 3 day streak. Why?

Mental Preparation I posted before about how no fap has affected the way my memory and attention work now. I think it’s safe to say No Fap is a very mentally dependent journey. Now that I think back on it, every time I relapsed before, each streak I broke, was a streak I didnt believe in. I always went into it thinking, “Okay, you failed after 2 weeks, you gotta beat that this time”. Then, if I beat that 2 weeks, my brain would convince me I should “celebrate” for have beaten that record by about a day. Don’t rely so much on how many days you’ve done this. If you really want to do this, look at yourself and say out loud that you are DONE with fapping. Believe it in it, that’s the only way you’ll be devoted to it. None of those times did I actually believe I would last so long. The last time I fapped, I broke a 1 month streak. That hit me really hard. I felt a true disappointment, such a short period of pleasure for all my hard work, I was punching the walls, yelling at myself too. That morning I woke up, wrote myself a letter about what I’m going to do, and why I’m doing it. Not that I won’t fap for 90 days, or 100 days or 300 days. I wrote that I will not masturbate, period. When you rely on a number, you’re waiting for it, you anticipate it, you’re not fixing yourself, you’re just making yourself hungrier for it, waiting for that blessed 90th day where you can watch all those videos in that folder you still kept, and fap away those 3 months in 3 minutes. NO. You tell yourself right now, that you dont want it, you dont need it, but most importantly WHY you’re stopping. After I did this, not a single day in this streak did I have to fight an “urge” (and I’m a 16 year old with crazy as fuck hormones).

“Superpowers” Another thing I mentioned in my previous post was my mind, and how it works better with No Fap. It got me thinking about all those posts about “Superpowers” that people have gained, like Confidence, Strength, Mental benefits. It’s great, but It’s all wrong. No fap isn’t beneficial,you dont gain anything. Contrarily, PMO is detrimental. PMO creates clouds around your otherwise brilliant mind. It sucks the energy out of those otherwise vibrant muscles. Sucks the charm out of that otherwise silver tongue. These are just a few of the disadvantages of PMO. After realizing this, you give yourself a choice. You can either release potential life onto your right hand after feeling good for a couple minutes, or you can be you and feel good forever.

Personally, I prefer being the person I am. The real me is a smart kid, he’s deadlifting 2x his weight, can lift his girlfriend too (this is difficult when one lacks a lady friend), speaking of things I can now carry, I should add conversations to that list, but on the other hand, i can no longer carry that constant shadow of gloominess that I always did.

Point is, you’re a smart, capable, sexy mofo, don’t deprive the world of such an amazing human being. Stop fapping and just be you.

LINK –Reached 90 days yesterday: Here’s my advice/report/words I feel like I need to get out there.


by hsbsidNF