Age 16 – Tons more energy, Increased Confidence, Enhanced Attention, Easier to talk to people

After not watching Porn for about 6 months now, and not fapping for about three, here are some observations and lessons I have for the prospective (or current) nofapper. Bear in mind: I am a 16 year old kid – at the peak of adolescent horniness – and if I can do it, so can you.

Nofap: The Institution Nofap is not a cure. It is not the be-all end-all, nor is it a method of getting girls. Nofap is there for you. Only you are in full control of your life – the drivers seat. Whether you end up driving a Ferrari or a washed-up Sedan is entirely up to you. No matter what age, race, religion, gender, or type of person you are, the opportunities are there. It is simply your job to seek them out, for the most worthwhile ones will be those which you step out of your comfort zone for. Nofap is simply a toolbox to aid in your erection (heh) of the complex architecture that is you. Be confident in your ability to not touch your sacred scepter, and stave off the urge to watch porn with more productive alternatives. You get out of Nofap what you put in.

Surviving Urges While my addictions to Porn and Fapping weren’t nearly as severe as some of the other Fapstronauts (Many of which have longer streaks than me) It was – and still is – incredibly hard to kick the habit, as urges come and go like the tides.

  • When on your computer, get on and do what you meant to do. Do not idly browse Reddit, Facebook, or the myriad other time-killers that exist on the world wide web. Only turn your computer seeking to accomplish something. Idle typing fingers are often victims to temptation.
  • If you have an urge, no matter how strong, it will pass. Be aware of the fact that your erection will not last forever. In order for it to pass, you need to get out of bed,chair, etc. and do something else. Go for a jog! Do your laundry! Pushups! Take a cold shower! Anything to get you through is fair game. (except fapping and watching porn of course.)
  • No matter how hard your brain tries to rationalize Fapping, it is never worth it. Those 5 seconds of chemically-induced bliss do not justify the regretful hours afterward. Think about how you’ll feel 10 minutes afterward. Think about your dreams. Think about that one thing you have to do, and are putting off by edging.
  • Never edge. Ever. Enough said.

Benefits Keep in mind, the benefits you attain from Nofap vary for everyone, but here are some that I’ve noticed. * Deeper voice

  • Tons more energy
  • Increased Confidence
  • Enhanced Attention (No more deviant thoughts about naked women, especially in class)
  • Easier to talk to people, keeping eye contact is simple now
  • Relentless drive to better myself

There are many others, but these are the ones that stand out to me the most.

A lot has changed within the past three months. It’s been a journey of self-realization, self-enhancement, and self-fulfillment. I finally worked up the cahones to talk to that one girl I had a crush on for four years, took her out on a date, and subsequently found out she doesn’t like me in the same way that I do. But it’s okay. If it weren’t for Nofap, I wouldn’t have made this much progress, and now I look forward to becoming lifelong friends with this girl. Pre-nofap me would’ve been angry; have cut off communication and wallowed in his sadness, blaming the world for his inability to reciprocate understanding. This is the key difference Nofap makes for me. People – be they woman, man, child, etc. – are merely there to accompany you on this grand journey we call life. You can be there for them as well; everyone loves company. Strive to be your best, and you will go places. Be the best damn you you can be, and no matter where you end up, at least you can die happy, knowing that you left nothing on the table. And while you may feel that the odds are stacked against you, the essence of being a healthy individual is not to surpass your peers, but to surpass your prior self. Then, and only then, will you realize what you have the capacity to achieve. Life will be good to you, and Nofap will only enhance your experience.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by KrustytheKrab