Age 16 – Women in general are so much more attractive now, Meditation is key

I’m a 16 yr old male who recently discovered NoFap, and I have to say that it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself (besides meditating).

At first, this was extremely hard, and I couldn’t get past a few days without a M relapse (P was never a huge issue). But then, I found a way to stick with it, and I now feel like I’m seeing life with a whole new paradigm.

I was never shy or introverted, but I used to care a lot about what classmates thought of me. This among other things, didn’t give me the ‘mojo’ to really be an Alpha in life. NoFap has changed all of this, and I likely attribute it to the mental stability it has given me. People listen intently to what I have to say, flirting with girls is effortless and easy, and I now feel like I deserve a ‘seat at the table’.

I find it especially interesting how the NoFap experience has allowed me to focus very little on my insecurities and more on those of my fellow peers. It’s quite surprising to find that all of them clearly are focusing more on how they look to the rest of the world than how others look to them.

I have to note that I feel that the combination of meditation and NoFap is what really drives results. I began meditating daily for around 30 min at night around two months before starting NoFap, and the level of inner peace and happiness it generates for me is unparalleled. Just give it a shot for a week consistently (10 min daily is good), and you’ll see what I mean. I wasn’t a believer at first, but quickly learned how valuable it is to staying tranquil and stress free throughout the day.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve consistently gone out and hooked up with beautiful girls, and am in the process of getting a girlfriend. Pre-NoFap, I’m convinced that this wouldn’t have been possible for me, likely because I didn’t feel the attraction to other women in real life. By abandoning the pathetic habit of watching super hot babes in porn, I feel like my brain is able to focus on what normal relationships and interactions with the opposite sex should be. Simultaneously, women in general are so much more attractive now, and not just from a physical standpoint, but from a personality one as well. It’s remarkable how a simple change of habit through NoFap can yield such powerful results and entirely change the lens through which we view life.

Thank you all for reading this and may you all reap the kick-ass benefits of NoFap!

P.S – A HUGE thank you to all of the great threads on this subreddit, without them I wouldn’t have stuck with this!

LINK – Incredible Results 30 days In!

by d_segundo