Age 17 – 1 year milestone

Today mark my milestone of 1 year. I joined nofap because it seemed like it would be a good thing to do so i could get out of my porn habits for religious reasons. Well today marks what my goal was.

No i never gained a girlfriend or superhuman courage like other posts and i was never into the entire hey guys back me up thing i was just doing it to see if i could. well i did and heres my effort to ask you guys to try for even a month.

I no longer watch porn or have urges that most people get at the start. fapping is just a waist of time it seems. There are so many other things you can do. If nofap could do something for anyone, it will tell you what your good at to keep your hands busy instead of on your d***.

I Took up Rallycross and paintball and boy is it amazing. I actually made shortcuts in my phone so whenever i type the word porn in, Car throttle gets typed instead. it keeps me occupied and thats the secret. When temptation come guys, do what you love. hope someone gets something out of this. 1 years experience 😉

[More] Im currently 17 and in highschool but honestly i can talk to girls with no problem and flirt and get a few numbers here and there but i cant afford a girlfriend;) to much money

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by cademan40