Age 17 – 5 months. I am not who I was last year anymore.

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I started to see the world from different angles. I am not who I was last year anymore. It’s about improving yourself. Apparently there are lots of benefits of NoFap. I have slowly noticed them for five months. I am 17 years old now since this Monday. Nobody told me happy birthday but I am not complaining. It’s certainly OK for me. I even bought Jack London’s Sea Wolf for me as a birthday gift.

Sorry, I am here to write my experiences.

  • I am not a person who is lazy.
  • I was so distracted by video games, Facebook Twitter etc. any dumb TV shows. But I quitted them. What I do now is watching documentaries, playing an instrument, singing a song. They are enjoyable for me. Not PMO or anything else like it.
  • I wasn’t social like now before. Now I have so many close friends (girls and boys). I can talk them sincerely.
  • I read books which I used to read one or two book in a year. But in 2 weeks I read 3 books. I can’t believe myself (thanks to Jack London). The best benefit for me.
  • I started to see the Nature clearly. I am so interested in the plants. My family have a garden to take care of and I feel the Nature when I get there. It’s so relaxing activity.
  • My eating habits are regular now.
  • I have been keeping a Diary since June. It’s so funny thing. Nowadays I am planning to keep a journal.
  • My bedtime has decreased noticeably. Recently I have been sleeping between 11pm-4.30am. And around 5am I ride bicycle for one hour. It relaxes me.

TL;DR. It’s the best thing I have ever got.

LINK – What NoFap has taught me.

by efrasyab


UPDATE – Now 200!! That’s great thanks for this sub!!

I made it to 200. I have been becoming someone else. The emotions are great when you are socializing. I wish everyone would do this.