Age 17 – a lot more confident, even with a few slips

I started NoFap about 80 days ago, In which I relapsed 4 times, first three in first three weeks, and now the forth time, not bad. It was and awesome journey, all the bad and good things. First three weeks were truly hard.

I thought about Faping all the time, in which /r/NoFap Comunity helped me a lot. After three weeks I sad That’s it!! No more relapses and so it was. After I managed to pass first two weeks, It was a huge success for me, my happiness level jumped throught the roof, I just felt awesome, and then Flatline rolled in… And actually I am not sure if I liked it or not. On one side i felt really bad and depressed, but on the other, It helped me set my goals and start working on my dreams, which actually got me out of depression.

I am not sure how long Flatline lasted because you don’ t “feel” exactly when it starts or stops, For me it was obscure, but for sure I got out of it less than two weeks ago. It’ s when I felt I got back on my old Me, but much more better and confident for sure. And today I relapsed, but actually don’ t feel so wrong about it. Sure I think about “The Counter”, but it is not important at all, so I decided to write this post and reflect on all the good things that happened to me :

  • Started praying daily- it really helps when you get “out of this world ” for a few minutes, makes you ready for the new adventures
  • Workout every day- I worked out and before NoFap, but this is the first time I managed to workout every day for 70+ days
  • A lot more confident- Still not on the level I want to be but made a great, great, GREAT progress. I feel like no one can do anything to me. I am only afraid not to become arrogant
  • Programming- learnt to make a website in HTML, and almost done with Javascript. Managed to help my brother learn something for job by writting a simple program in Javascript for him. Made him a great favour, and it made me really happy.
  • Running – So in this 70+ days I also started practicing for running 2000m (1,3 miles ) for a competition. Managed to finish second on regional competition, and for two days I am going on a national competition. My coach thinks I could be in first 10 which is awesome. It was hard to get on the level I am but still not done, gotta go even faster ! My goal is to next year be first on national competition, wish me luck 🙂

After writing all this achievements I even forgot about my relapse. Now I just hope I continue with the same pace. Now guys, I would like to write more, but have to do my daily dose of workout, programming, and praying.

I hope this post can help You to find motivation for abstaining from Fapping. And also thank you all for all the great words you posted on this subbreddit, really helps 🙂

[ADDITIONAL COMMENT] Luckily there was no porn near me moment I relapsed. Not sure , but I think I started using porn regularly when I got Internet, so for about 5 years, almost every day since when I was 12, and now when I quit I am 17.

LINK – 63 days and relapse, Yay 🙂

by DoItTodayEveryday