Age 17 – A lot more confident, No more anxiety, Feel more attractive, Developed awareness

I’m leaving 🙂 This community helped me alot , I tried to help it back everytime that I could . But I feel that my mission here is done. I’m on 114 days and I feel no more urges. I’m confident and happy every single moment of my life

  (so I can’t say it’s all because of nofap ) , I’m confident that I’m not going to relapse ever again.I feel this community is like a launching zone , you can’t stay here forever , you need to go further . I found out all I needed to know , there is no more reason for me to be here. Anyway, for those of you starting, I’ll just point out some things about nofap.


  • Yes, as everyone states out , you get more confident. Alot more confident.
  • You do lose your anxiety.
  • You develop awareness.
  • You won’t even know how to spend all that energy that you will have.
  • Yes , you do get somehow more attractive , or atleast you just get observed by the people around you alot more.

Pieces of Advice

  • Unless you need Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr or whatever for school/work purpose, just get rid of them . Or do as I did : I unfollowed everything , my news feed is clear.
  • Get a sleeping schedule . I sleep 6-7 hours , from 23 to 6 AM.
  • This is just an advice, but meditation really helped me.

I’m 17 , can’t remember when i started , around 9-10-11.

I’ll be answering to any questions here or in PM if you guys have any

tl;dr : I love this community, so I must leave 😀

LINK – Goodbye , NoFap !

by Loki139