Age 17 – Asked a girl out, enjoying the rush


I’m going to keep this short as possible because I want to write in my journal so here we go: Last year I was dating a girl, and we tried to have sex. I couldn’t get it up. She broke up with me a week later for other problems, and I felt hopeless. I binged and binged my dick away. Literally everyday 2-3 times.. for months.

And I landed up watching worse categories. I was destroying my brain day by day. I couldn’t get hard to regular porn … I would just go right to some really gross categories. I was watching categories of gangbang and of the similar.

Fast forward one year. I found NoFap. Keep in mind for this entire year I didn’t go on one date with a girl… the only time I kissed a girl was while drunk and I’m sure she forgot about it the next day. I started to follow NoFap… 21 days in and relapsed. Alright, no biggie. But something happened the other day. I found the confidence to ask a girl to go on a date. It wasn’t a “Let me take you out” type of ask (I’m 17) it was more like, “Hey, are you still going to Barnes and Noble?” so I picked her up and we went. Bought her coffee, and talked for like a while.

Here is the best part. She gets out of my car, says thank you ect. for purchasing her coffee ( I guess girls get excited from such an easy thing to do …) and walks inside her house. ON THE ENTIRE RIDE HOME I WAS SO HAPPY. I WASN’T THAT HAPPY IN MONTHS. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS SING TO THE MUSIC PLAYING IN MY CAR. Wow. Sorry for telling a pretty unorganized story but I needed to get it off my tongue. Thank you guys. Thank you.

LINK – Just click this. Short but promising story.

by MyBirthName