Age 17 – Best year of my life

I joined nofap last year and it was the best decision I ever took, I used to fap around 2-3 times a week but now over the course of a year, I fapped about 10 times or less

I had a great streak of 150days at the start of the year then I relapsed quite a few in the summer but then I got back on track with an 80days streak (and counting)

I have had the best moments of my life on these streaks, and even my friend noticed that I changed!

I started with NoFap at 16, started watching porn 2 years before that.

And yeah there are other benefits, I can focus more in class now, my grades are getting higher by semester, I’m getting better at socializing, and I’m generally happier really,

Never give up guys, it’s always worth it

sorry for the cliché post, I was just happy that I got myself to stick to nofap for an entire year

LINK – Today completes a year since I joined NoFap, best year of my life.

by buttsypoo