Age 17 – Confidence, energy, desire to speak with new people


It’s been a long journey that had its ups and downs. I found out about no PMO from some friends who claimed it gave you a ton of extra energy but never mentioned this Sub, went 3 days and dismissed it for several months. I knew in the back of my mind PMO was bad for a while as a night before a big test at school I would refuse to do it as I thought it would harm me.

Found this Reddit and went for a week, messed up and tried again, now here i am. I’m a 17 yo and I still know that I’m messed up as many of my urges are Terrible. I never thought I was too addicted as I could go a few days without thinking about fapping, then some days later I’d fap 3 or 4 times a day, porn wasn’t as bad for me as I didn’t need it. I’d always been very outgoing, but many times I would completely reject any relationship opportunity with any girls I met.

Seriously, to this day I don’t understand what I was thinking when these girls would give me chances to take them out but I would completely ignore it, I guess it was the PMO. I needed a change and I was engaging in many unhealthy habits, luckily I found nofap.

I never developed any superpowers but what I did develop was confidence in what i do and lack of care in what others think about me, extra energy to do things I want, urge to learn and the ability and want to talk to new people with ease. I’m no longer nervous when talking to people, rather I feel comfortable. This helped to focus my mind on studying for an important exam that will help me in future, I was so busy with this and reading other books that I forgot that I hit 90 days.

Despite these benefits, I still find myself objectifying girls and it makes me disappointed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a 17 yo kid who is just so horny that I can’t help it or if my mind is still rewiring. Lately, I have been having insane urges to the point where I was convinced I was going to relapse, but then all of a sudden I removed myself from the situation and the urge was gone, not sure if this is normal.

I’ve had 2 wet dreams, day 45 and day 61. Not sure what to think about these.

I’m elated that I am on this journey and ready for new challenges. I’ve never been happier in my life, music is more enjoyable, sports are more entertaining, life is so much fun to be in right now. I haven’t gotten any miracle female attraction, but I also haven’t put any effort in to getting them as I have been so busy. I’m excited for school to start, ready to meet to talk to everyone in my school and ready for new challenges.

Something I’ve found essential in my life is writing down my goals somewhere where only I can read them and keeping them with me, then work for them.

Although I don’t like telling people my goals, I’d say some basic ones are to meditate more, enjoy life, go on dates with girls and give everything my all.

Thank you all for helping me on this sub. Also feel free to ask me any questions about my experience as a 17 year old on nofap.

LINK – I completely forgot I hit 90 days

By Jpt129