Age 17 – Confidence up anxiety down

For the 5 months before starting NoFap, life was  a struggle.  I was fat, not really looking good, depressed, anxiety at its finest and confidence at its lowest.

I started at the age of 12, for the first year of fapping I did about 6hours a week and maybe more, then it decreased to 3hours but last year it got back to 7hours a week or even more at times. I’m 17btw 🙂

To sum up, my life was a tragedy and I was always sad and feeling miserable about it.

Yet, I didn’t give up and I don’t know how I got the power nor the motivation, but out of blue I decided to go on NoFap. For some reason, I thought it was the right option to take to change my life, and boy was I right!

I used to wake up really feeling bugged and just pure shit. Now I wake up feeling happy and looking forward for a new day.

I lost so much weight , I’m getting in shape and I got a different haircut through the time so I look great now, and to add up, confidence is getting back up while anxiety is getting lower day by day.

I don’t think that NoFap would give you superpowers just by following it, YOU NEED to take action. You need to be the man in charge of life and see what person you want to be and give all of your power and energy towards that. If you want to be social, go for it, if you want to read books, start now, there are a lot of possibilities, yet you are the only one who can determinate if you succeed or no.

Back at the time, if something bad happened I would listen to depressing songs, play some video games and end up fapping till I smell shit and look like a hobo. Now I just think about it and go through it like a man, I’m totally different now and I like the change! I wish you all the best on you routes, and good luck 🙂

I never posted anything on this subreddit but I have been a long time lurker and I think it’s the right time to post something good.