Age 17 – Energetic, adventurous, see women differently


This year alone was probably the best I’ve had in my life for a handful of reasons including:

*not being scared to approach new people (mainly girls). I was extremely socially anxious around people I didn’t know. Today it is completely different and I am shocked by how I was in the past.

*more adventurous

*began seeing women as they truly are: beautiful, intellegent creatures. Before, I would fantasize on each woman I’ve encountered, horrible really.

*When I was under the impression that PMO was the way to go, I would gladly stay home and wank it instead of going out with friends.

*I smile just because I can

*Energetic as fuck

*Get everything done

*And so on, and so forth

To tell the truth, I have tried masturbation without porn before, and it led me straight back to the slippery slope of PMO. It didn’t help me back then even a bit, as I was very inclined towards returning to my demons. These days I don’t really know how I would handle it, so I will stay on my current path of no ejaculation (Apart from wet dreams). BTW, I am on hard mode, no gf and not planning to get one right now (not religious, but also not inclined to a relationship as of right now).

November 2014 marks the beginning of my journey, when I’ve discovered NoFap and decided to begin the challange.

This is the first time I have ever succeeded the 90 day challange after failing each attempt for more than a fucking year. It’s really crazy if you think about it: A healthy, developing 16/17 year old male that can’t keep his hands off his dick while watching plastic women fuck mindlessly on his computer screen, FOR YEARS. Is that really who I want to be?

It’s digusting.

And what’s really fucked up about it is that we, as a society see this habit as “healthy” and “normal”.

PMO addiction is one of the worst things to ever happen to us, and it will keep getting worse with all of these technological advances (Virtual Reality). I can only hope that more people will get acquainted with this movement and decide to join it.

I am glad that I have finally crossed this boundary of mine and am statisfied to say that I am still going through this reboot and will continue to in the future. And if I ever end up contemplating relapse, I will come back to this post and remind myself of these words I’ve written.

I wish each and every one of you will continue to fight this addiction with success, and I hope I’ve inspired at least one person with my words.

tl;dr fuck pmo.

LINK –  After more than a year, 90 days.

by dumbandcheerful