Age 17 – Everything just feels better. Self-confidence has reached phenomenal heights. Was a C+ student, now straight A. Way more energetic


I’ve finally made it to day 70 guys. This is an amazing accomplishment for me, and I can seriously feel the positive effects of NoFap.

  • I’m way more physically active and fit, I regularly work out and I feel great about it.
  • I look better. My acne has seriously cleared up to the point where you really have to look at me for a while to notice it.
  • I’m way more energetic. No longer do I slug through the day, napping whenever I get the chance, I can feel the spring in my step and it is an amazing feeling.
  • My self-confidence has reached phenomenal heights. I feel like nothing can bring me down, and it’s truly a truly amazing feeling.
  • I’m not scared of talking to girls anymore. This is probably the biggest thing for me. No longer do I idolize girls and treat them as gods who will punish me for the slightest mistake. Girls are people as well, and they have feeling just like I do.
  • Everything just feels better. I have a more positive outlook on my life, and I no longer dread the responsibilities I’ve been assigned to.
  • My schoolwork is getting done on time, and I’m on a straight A path, which is phenomenal considering I was a C+ average student for all my life.

I don’t know what to say to you guys who are struggling, except that it only gets better. There is no logical reason to masturbate, the benefits vastly outweigh the urges and flatlines a million to one.

I’m 17 now, and I’ve only started using NoFap since about last July. I started PMO when I was 11-12, so by my standards I was in pretty deep. I was PMOing pretty much every 2nd or 3rd day  so certainly a lot less frequent than others, but breaking the habit was still a struggle.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now.

LINK – Day 70 and its benefits.

by darknight1342

I found NoFap about 50 days ago as of May 24th 2016, and I was quickly sucked into all the stories and achievements of all its members, so I decided to partake.

  • The first few days were the hardest, I had a very strict fapping schedule that, if broken, would wreak psychological hell on me.
  • After day 5 the effects began to subside, although I will admit that I was horny 24/7 and still looking for any excuse to get off.
  • Sometime after the 10th day I had something happen to me that never would have happened had I not joined NoFap, I received a compliment.
  • Over the course of the next 30 days, I received several more comments about how good I looked from people who knew me but weren’t even really my friend.
  • I find that my energy levels are a lot higher after joining NoFap, and I no longer flop on my bed and sleep after school every day.
  • I decided to live by a new lifestyle; to improve my life in one way or another every single day, and so far it’s worked great.
  • My self confidence has skyrocketed to unbelievable heights, I used to be that weird boy who never spoke and always shied away from social interaction, but now I am a lot more outgoing and my anxiety has practically disappeared. I’d say this is the biggest overall improvement in my life due to NoFap.
  • I will admit that I’m still unable to talk to the girl I like, but I think that has been simply hardwired into my brain after some… unfortunate events that transpired a few years ago, and I am completely confident that eventually I will be able to do it, even with only 20 days left to do it. And I have also come to realize that I am perfectly happy being alone, I don’t need a girl at my side to fill the hole in my heart because, well, there is no hole. I no longer see all women as a sex object and I appreciate the time spent with them.
  • My Grades have improved from a C average to a high B average which is phenomenal for my standards, I’m even getting a few A’s.
  • Overall I am a much happier and more sociable man than I was 40 days ago, and I cannot wait to see what I get to write up in my 80 day report.

Now I don’t know if this is special or anything, but this 40 day streak is actually my first streak. Yeah, I’ve never relapsed. I’ve come pretty close at times, but so far my track record is clean, and I’m proud of that considering I’ve been fapping since I was 12.

Keep strong fapstronauts, it may seem hard at first, but the rewards are beyond what I could have imagined..

LINK – The First 40 – My First Report.