Age 17 – Finally broke through to triple digits!


I used to fap to porn after a while i realized i had a problem I started fapping to pictures convincing myself that was healthier but each time the urge for porn came back. Tried nofap countless times relapsed countless times. Finally one of those times worked. I broke through my previous high of 30 days and now I’m home free

I’m 17. The biggest benefit of all is time. Not just time spent in front of a computer screen but time spent thinking about porn, thinking about when I would get to fap next, all that garbage cluttering my mind. I think this is what leads to what everyone calls superpowers.

When you have a decluttered mind, your capacity to focus on other stuff increases. I was never able to fully focus on the way I carried myself and the way I spoke in front of groups. Now that I’ve been able to think about it and work on it, I feel much more confident in myself.


By StingRay022