Age 17 – First girlfriend, and I feel true love towards her


I’m a 17 yo male. I found NoFap about 8 months ago. A friend suggested me to try it because of the benefits it would bring. I started with small streaks only (about 5-10 days) because the urge to fap was too big.

After those I had some 30-40 days streak but every time i gave up on NoFap because I entered a “flatline” and I had low libido and low interest in girls. But 127 days ago I convinced myself that NoFap is a great thing and I would overcome these obstacles.

During this streak I got my first girlfriend (excluding the short-time relationships with girls from parties). I feel true love towards her and I am sure NoFap is the cause.

At the beggining of my journey I thought that NoFap is bullshit because it was more easy to fap to porn every day and to say that masturbation is a perfectly normal habit.

I regained emotions and a lot of confidence. Before NoFap I was very nervous around girls and I thought that I would never get a long-time relationship with a beautiful girls. But those impossible thoughts came true and I am very happy.

BUT!!! My girfriend is a virgin (i am too) and I “don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel” (sex). I don’t feel like we are close to having sex. It may take months or maybe years to reach that point. I made it clear for her that I won’t pressure her into anything but this thought really bothers me, I feel nervous and I don’t want to lose my control. Furthermore, I got really sensitive. One day we were talking about sexually things and I nearly ejaculated in my pants. I’m far too sensitive (I don’t want to repeat that almost O experience beside her), sex is far away and I really don’t want to lose NoFap “gains” by fapping again. I need HELP!!!!

LINK – 127 DAYS NOFAP experience and concerns

By NelsonPatron