Age 17 – First girlfriend, NoFap confidence helped


Before this girl I never asked a girl to a date. I never had my first kiss. Never had a girlfriend. I asked her out – She said yes. I initiated the kiss – she went with it. 3 days ago I asked her to be my girlfriend – she said yes. This all went faster as I thought. I think Nofap has really awakened something in me that I can’t even describe. I would have never had asked her out before nofap.

But It’s also pretty weird at times because she texts stuff like ‘I miss you’ and I have no idea how to respond to stuff like this.

It feels great to have a gf and I really think I love her. (I hate saying stuff like this lol. so weird)

And from now on when my friends talk about their exes I won’t be the akward guy who can’t say anything because he’s never had a girlfriend. (This is kinda specific but this always really bothered me and it was kind of embarrassing for me)

I wasn’t desperately searching for a girlfriend or anything but I’m really happy how things have turned out so far. I’m not 100% sure if I love her or not and I think love just doesn’t work that way. But she really makes me feel happy and she makes me feel some type of way I’ve never felt before. Maybe I just don’t know what love feels like lol.

and I’m 17 by the way. I’m a late bloomer. (All my friends had their first girlfriends with 13-14. Compared to them I’m a late bloomer.) Once I did the first step, the next steps just followed so quick. You just have to find the right girl. I wouldn’t call me unattractive and she’s not ugly either. But Nofap definetly helped with my confidence.

I started [NoFap] when I was like 15 or something but this is my longest streak. I easily had dozens of separate streaks. This Time I just pulled through

LINK – Day 20. I have a girlfriend now.

By DuckInTheHood