Age 17 – Going to the gym, running, partying (things I couldn’t do before because of my social anxiety)


About me: 17 years old, 175cm , in shape. I’ve been told a lot that I look like a model. (Thing I doubt but ok..) Also had big problems with Social Anxiety (Caused by Acne) I almost cured thanks to Nofap.

The more I abstain I see a new reality. I started going to parties and clubs with friends a few months ago ( I know I don’t have the age to enter).

All the time my friends are staring and talking about girls in the club like they can not controll themselfs and I’m just not interested on doing that.. I mean, I like to talk,flirt,dance with girls because I’m there to have fun. Is that normal what they do? Is not that I’m trying to abstain from doing that, it’s really annoying for me… why do they do that?

Want to thank all of you what you’ve have done for me, thanks to Nofap I’m going to the gym, running, partying, (things I couldnt because of my social anxiety) I used to spend all the time gaming and fapping. I’m also meeting a lot new people lately. I’m not awkward anymore, people respect a lot more, have more energy. Can’t talk about females doing crazy things for me because the longer streak I have is 12 days and usually its reported to happen past the 3 weeks.

English is not my main language so I’m sorry if something is wrong 🙂

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By Mitryax