Age 17 – I am free. NoFap has saved my life.

Nofap has saved my life. I finally know what it is like to live. I am now happy to get out of bed every morning. (most of the time ;-).)

Who am I?

I am a 17 year old male who has previously suffered from insecurity, social anxiety, low confidence and self esteem, depression, and a crippling PMO addiction. I resented everything about myself and my life. About 100 days ago I tried nofap as a last ditch effort to make me feel happy in life. I have never felt more alive.

It has succeeded tremendously. I got more than what I bargained for with NoFap. Initially, I started NoFap because I was super nervous around girls. I was brought to this subreddit after I was at lunch with my friend during school, and a freshman girl came up to me and said “Hi!” and smiled. I muttered “hi.” and tried to smile. She then walked away. I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her, but still, I was furious with myself. I got petrified with the thought of even having to speak to an attractive girl. All the time, I told myself that I was such an ugly good for nothing insecure loser!

The main cause of my problems was myself. I only realized this after being deep on this NoFap streak. All of the insecurities, social anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, depression, and lack of self worth were all created by my mind. I was angry at the world for being so cruel to me. That mindset sounds strikingly similar to Elliot Rodger’s mentality. He thought the world and girls were against him, and he was not in any wrong. The reality is, we created the hell we lived in.

Porn, masturbation, and video games were my way of feeling good and escaping from sadness. It only worsened it. I discovered porn when I was 5 when my older now degenerate half-brother was watching porn on the computer. I was mesmerized by the boobs I saw. I watched porn on and off, and could only climax after i turned 14. Since then, I masturbated every day, every other day, or 2-3 times a day. It was my drug. It was like crack. It was my only way of feeling good. Video games and PMO destroyed my mind. Early in my senior year, I considered suicide practically every day for 3 months because I felt so useless because I was constantly beating myself up for never having a girlfriend and being a kissless virgin. I seriously considered killing myself a couple times, but the fear of seizing to exist stopped me.

I don’t want this post to be too long, but I can write up a much more informative post if anyone wants me to or if I feel like it. NoFap has made me feel like a champion. Cold showers for the past 2 weeks and NoFap has made me ecstatic about life. It is such a wonderful gift you can use to its full potential or waste by rotting away in PMO and the self-hell created by insecurity and your mind. I am happy to quit PMO early. It is never too late. Start NoFap. You will NOT regret it. I am fucked up on life and happy to wake up every day. You may have to replace PMO with something else to be successful. For me it is mastering guitar. It is my passion, along with video games. As for women, I don’t give them and sex nearly as much thought as I used to. All I used to be able to think about was fucking girls and using them for sexual gratification. I am just focusing on establishing a life with achievements and skills for myself for now. Girls can come later.

TL;DR/IN CLOSING: My main goal was to find a girlfriend and not have fear around women with NoFap. My goal has now changed to me being happy with myself and being comfortable around others and living life to its fullest. It has succeeded. I don’t give a damn what people think about me because I am happy and confident in myself because of NoFap. Because in the end, all you’ve got is you. Nobody’s opinion of me phases me. Brain fog is gone, social anxiety is virtually non-existent, and I am energized most of the time even with few hours of sleep. I can’t wait to see where else NoFap takes me as I continue my streak. Stay strong brothers :). This is my first post on NoFap, so I might make another one in the future with more benefits as time goes on.

LINK – I am free. NoFap has saved my life.

by itsatomicman