Age 17 – I can function in the early mornings, spontaneous erections stronger, sensitivity back


So it’s been 90 days. I feel great. There’s really too many benefits to list but the main ones that stick out is being able to operate good early in the morning even with minimal sleep, lowered social anxiety, and confidence.

I’m 17, what caused me to try Nofap was PEID and decreased sensitivity was definitely an issue. I’d always find myself with morning wood but whenever I masturbated, watched porn anything sexual it just died.

I used porn for quite a long time might even be 5 years

Sensitivity’s almost too great now. What I mean is these strong erections often time come with strong urges to masturbate.

I never really noticed change in my PIED when masturbating, because I’m not masturbating. I wasn’t able to see improvement on that area lol. That being said it wasn’t long before the random erections became stronger and more frequent. Now, I definitely know my PIED’s gone. lol

LINK – So It’s Been 90 Days

By mitchell_NF