Age 17 – I feel better about myself

17, senior in highschool. Honestly, I can’t relate to the “superpowers” you often read about here. To be completely honest, i think nofap is a bit of a circlejerk. Don’t get me wrong, I like the people, but I have stopped coming here. I believe in stopping PMO, but I don’t believe that nofap leads to getting girls’ numbers or any real change.

When you nofap, you feel better about yourself, which leads to confidence. It isn’t about superpowers or magic. I feel better about myself, and I never have to feel that shitty feeling of disgust after pmo. I started around 6th grade so… you do the math.

Past around 200 days I stopped counting (and browsing r/nofap). Eventually, you don’t even think about nofap, you just live life. Thought 500 was a nice even number to take the opportunity to answer any questions you guys have.

EDIT: Will try to answer every question, even if it takes a while. Hard mode because I am 17, no girlfriend

Just try to distance yourself from anything that might trigger you. Means no nsfw subs/semi-erotic youtube vids etc. pretend you are an 8 year old on the internet with no interest in anything sexual.

Try to incorporate something into your life similar to traveling that makes it easier. This could be an everyday walk, some sort of sport, a workout. Find a hobby outside the house and commit yourself. Doesn’t have to be everyday, but it will really help. 500 seems big, but really, after the first 200, PMO was just not on my mind. It gets easier. Just separate yourself from it and get it out of your head, it isn’t easy or a fast process, but I believe anyone can do it.

LINK – 500 Days hard mode. AMA

by Jebrs