Age 17 – I feel like a brand new person. Much stronger, calmer, happier. Better erections too.

Now when I stand and walk, my body feels much more concrete and unmovable. My body feels as if it is a boulder so to say.

I feel much more in-tune with my body coordination. My skin is clear as day and even has a glow to it. After 63 days of not fapping to porn, I feel like a brand new person. I feel much stronger, calmer, and happier. When I use to stand and walk, my legs use to feel weak and jittery.

When I look in the mirror, I see a person who is capable, who is a superstar, who is astonishing . Everything I do feels ten times more euphoric than before.

I know I may be rambling but it is true. I also have this strong urge of fucking a girl and giving her all I got.

My erections are stronger than ever and my length and girth seems to have got enhanced. I feel taller even though I am 5’9 but I may have been shorter a while ago it seems. I also feel intimidating due to the aura I have now. I definitely feel cured but I can’t let my pride and progress hinder me because all it takes is one porn video and 3 minutes to bring me back to rock bottom.

I am just going to keep progressing. I am positive that I will be ecstatic when I make it to 90 days but that won’t be the ending of this blissful, strenuous journey.

Life is good but I haven’t seen all of what it has to offer. Much more to accomplish, much more time to live. I will SUCCEED!

[MORE]  I noticed differences at about day 30 to about day 45. I hit a major flatline that lasted 10 days, day 47 till day 57. After that, I really started to feel cured and feel great, fully grown benefits.

LINK – Day 63 No fap! This shit really works! Got to keep going!

by mrjamesnofap


INITIAL POST – NoFap is my Lifestyle! No more porn! MUST READ ASAP! MUST READ ASAP!

I have been struggling with porn since around 12! I am now 17! Once, I built up so much willpower at age 16 and I noticed that PMO’ing was wrong! I did it so much I would do it atleast 2 or 3 times a day sometimes more. I then searched online about the downside of PMO’ing and I stopped instantly. God knows I went through hell and made it to 90+ days! That was the time of my life, seriously! I was a superman! I was a HUNDRED times better than the PMO me! If you are struggling with PMO I can honestly tell you that once you hit 30 days you are in for a fun ride! Flatline does hit you bad at some point in time and it may come and go. But flatline will hit you greatly once more before you see the brightest light you will see on your NoFap journey! Trust me I experienced it all. Around 60- 90+ days I was a Womanizer. I had women crawling over me, physically and mentally and verbally! (No bullshit) I was an Idol to young kids as they were copying my great Posture and demeanor. I was an EyeCatcher at both boys and girls and they really noticed and were intimidated by me. My erections were so Fucking strong too and girls in my viccinity almost sensed my Sexual power and were in love with me. I got perfect skin around 60-90 days. I was just extremely happy even through flatline. Emotions I never felt were hitting me but I didn’t supress them,I just felt them. Even sadness made me happy if you understand. I was the Alpha male AKA the most dominant male around and EVERYBODY NOTICED IT! My height even increased! I was taller when I did my 90+ days! I absolutely wish I never relapsed with porn. I relapsed around a 100 days no PMO. I got to cocky and believed that I was cured and a PMO wouldn’t stop me. I relapsed and didn’t feel any different. Then my cocky self relapsed some more and eventually fell back in my old habits. That was more dissapointing then my dad leaving my life at 13. 3 months later I reached a streak of 25 days and I relapsed of boredom and confusion. Then, here I am now, at day 16, but this time it is different. I believe I will never go Back to my old habits! From what I know what porn can do to you, porn Can give you depression, Suicidal thoughts or actions, And Even PSYCHOSIS (YES IT IS TRUE), It does way more but I don’t even want to get into detail. This is 100% serious Believe it or leave it! But I also know what NoPorn and NoFap can do to you as I described earlier….. PORN IS NOT AN OPTION! NoFAP Is my LifeStyle and I’m sticking with it till the end! STOP THE PORN AND THE FAPPING NOW! STOP IMMEDIATELY! Ask yourself, “Do I want a better life?” Ask yourself “Do I want to be a better man?” Ask yourSelf “Do I want to live like a lowlife” If you want better and want it now, STOP THE PORN AND THE FAPPING!

ReRead it if you need to! I didn’t write this for nothing! I am changing my life for the better, and I hope to change others with these words! Your welcome! Try to have Great Confidence even cockiness is great, but under all of that confidence, stay humble! You will succeed! Just put your all into it! Be patient!