Age 17 – I feel whole and alive (day 200)

I just finally made a new account on reddit, and it happens that today is number 200. I never thought I’d make it to here but, through hard work I guess I have.

It was originally intended to be for 40 days when lent first started, and I said why not. I was 16 in my junior year. And after the 40 days I went to do it, but something inside me told me not to.

Somehow the 40 days made me feel better, whole, alive you can say. I finally had my first luck with a girl, and I had tons of energy and confidence!

Around day 80, everything went wrong. She broke my heart and I went crazy. I lost her, my best friend and the connection with my parents.

So I thought the only cure was to end my streak. But something again told me not to. Weeks passed and I never talked to the girl again but I did regain a friendship with my best friend and we’ve been better than ever. And everything in my life has been great since then.

As a teenager there is tons of sexual temptation and I do sometimes want to turn back but I ask myself, is it worth it? And today on my 200th day I realized I’m not turning back now. I’m gonna stay strong and be the best person I am.

So to all my fellow friends out there, stay strong and realize how far you’ve come. Whether it’s 5 days or 500, you’ve already made a decision, a good one at that.

And I’ll close with my favorite quote I found on here a while back “a real man climbs a mountain, and tells No one”

LINK – Do you turn back?
by Wholestepdown