Age 17 – I have experienced massive changes in myself as compared to what I was 138 days ago


I hope you all are doing great. My last post here was when I was on day 20 or something. But here I am today on day 138 of no PMO. I am 17 and I have been living usually alone for 2 years and you all know these crazy teen years makes you want to do crazy stuff. But I still somehow managed to quit PMO. Let me go back a little bit and tell you how I was like when I was addicted to pornography and masturbation.

I wasn’t that addicted but I masturbated 4-6 times a week while watching porn and I was doing this for a pretty long time. My life was just a mess. My hair started to fall out, I stopped going out and had no confidence to talk to people, I had no energy and I always woke up tired like really tired and hard to get out of bed. I was all empty from inside, I had no motivation I just used to sit in my room, play video games and PMO that was basically my life and I was really ashamed of my actions.

I wanted to stop everything and wanted to start a new life. So this day 29/May/2016 I PMO’d and after that I was like ‘What am I even doing with my life?’ I searched on google and came across this website which is NoFap, to be honest I was like okay this bullshit again but I did a little bit more research and reading people’s success stories and what they achieved after stop PMO’ing I really got motivated and wanted to change too so I thought to my self If I can control my mind then I can do anything so that day I promised myself that I am never watching porn and masturbating ever again.

Waking up every day and reminding myself of NoFap I always use to visit here and read success stories to stay motivated and there is an app on Android and iOS called ‘Fortify’ I used it to mark my victories and with its weekly emails I really stayed motivated and achieving goals given by them. First 15 days were really hard but once you cross that line things become easy.

Today I am really proud to say that I am on day 138 and its the biggest achievement in my whole life. I have experienced massive changes in myself as compared to what I was 138 days ago:

  • my hair stopped falling out and I really have thick hair as compared to before
  • I always have a lot of energy now, if I want to do something I don’t feel lazy or tired.
  • I wake up every morning and get out of bed within 15 seconds as compared to before I used to take up to 30 minutes stretching and just rolling around.
  • I am really confident as compared to before and this is the biggest change I have noticed.
  • I can talk to people, speak in public, and do a lot of stuff I wasn’t able to do 138 days ago.

I am really happy for all this and I am really thankful to NoFap. My goal for not PMO’ing is lifetime now. I am never going back to those dark times again. In these 138 days, I have had 8-10 wet dreams and I didn’t count them as a relapse because they happen while we are sleeping and its a healthy way of body releasing extra sperm. I have gained all that lost interest in things, I have goals now which I want to achieve I actually have a real life now and I am free.

As a thanks to NoFap, I am thinking to start a social work professionally i.e I will make professional videos (I am a film-maker) and sponsor them worldwide on my new Facebook page about NoFap. I want to help everyone, I don’t want the youth to destroy themselves. I want to spread the NoFap movement because I think they are not as popular as they should be. I will spend my own money on sponsoring and spreading NoFap because I really want to bring that long lost energy, spirit and motivation back in all my brothers here! I am ready for this and I hope you all will support me through this social work once I start.
NoFap please PM me so I can tell you further about it.

“Change your mind and it will change your life”.

Together we fight PMO!

Peace <3

LINK – NoFap day 138!! Did I quit?! MUST READ!

by Saif

UPDATE – NoFap changed my life, how? [500 days+]

Est. reading time is 8 minutes.

This is a long read, so close anything else that might distract you and read carefully if you really want to know the truth. Don’t take the harsh words personally and take them personally at the same time because you’ve to stop doing what you’re doing to destroy your life.

*PMO is the abbreviation for Porn Masturbation and Orgasm.

Who am I?

A 19-year old guy, honest, who loves helping people, tries every new thing and takes all the risks.

What’s my job? That’s the main secret and you’ll find it at the end of this awesome read.

I’d like to start off by saying I’ve lost count after 500+ days. 500+ days of fighting the urges constantly; day and night. The question is, what did I get from all of this? Things I obviously wouldn’t get if I didn’t start NoFap.

Get to know me a little more!

I’m single and a Muslim but I am not single, not really. I’m in love with someone who isn’t mine yet, and that’s my biggest motivation of being on NoFap. For your information, I haven’t slept with any woman which in other words mean I’ve the V-Card.

My history of Nofap:

From zero to a jerk, that was autocorrect. From zero to a hero; not bragging about it. I started Nofap for no reason. I just wanted to see how it really felt quitting porn and masturbation. Mind you, before I stared I never knew porn could be this harmful and masturbation as a topping would be worse. I lived without parents when I started and for the first and a half year to be exact. It was tough, breaking my habit wasn’t easy. I remember, I was depressed and always dwelled on past and never appreciated the present or thought about the future because porn and masturbation was my escape from reality into a fantasy virtual world where men with big sizes got the prizes and women with big assets got the fame. I used porn and masturbation as my excuse; to make myself happy, disconnect from the real world, and not finding the one worth suffering for. I’ve always had this desire to change the world and one day I really wanted to make it happen so I started with myself. Just to let you know, I masturbated one time a day to porn, nothing more than that. And I was totally ashamed of myself. One night, after getting myself off I laid on my bed and thought what’s my purpose? To jerk off to pixels and waste my life force and repeat and die? Those women who are trafficked and sexually assaulted/raped in the porn industry? No! I was born to be much more than that. I wanted something real and I knew if only I put my mind to it, I’d start to achieve greatness.

The harsh truth!

Most of the people utter bullshit, tell me this. If you’ve been masturbating to porn for years, how do you expect to recover in 10 days, 30 days, 60 days? I’ve seen a lot of people saying they start to notice the benefits after 3 days or 1 week. If you’re wondering, that’s only in your head. Congratulations! You haven’t recovered yet and there’s still more time to go; don’t quit or reward yourself for getting short-term benefits. You’re not a dog. This is a commitment, this is a promise that you’ll never do it again. So remember, you’ll not get instant benefits, be a man and be strong. Keep fighting and in the long run, you’ll look back and see the changes. I promise!


I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions about Nofap and people saying ‘Fapping’ is healthy because it reduces the chances of prostate cancer and makes you better in bed. I’ll tell you one thing from my own personal experience, and that is; You’ll not die if you don’t ejaculate for as long as you want, promise. And obviously your balls won’t explode. How am I writing this? Did I die from prostate cancer? Did I get prostate cancer? Did I start getting less erections because I don’t exercise my sexual muscles? No, nothing happened.


Just like everybody else, I’ve noticed a lot of benefits on my journey such as: improved confidence, clear skin, higher self esteem, thicker hair, deeper voice, natural women attraction, respect from the same sex, better posture, better eye contact that lasts forever, no more awkwardness or shyness, no fear of anything, taking risks, and finding happiness in little things. Now, there’s a lot more benefits which I didn’t mention but I’ll talk about the most important of them in detail.


I was always a shy guy, not very much but I kind of had social anxiety and I never felt like connecting with people, I never liked going out. My confidence was way below zero, whenever I had serious conversations, I always messed up. Most of the people think that confidence comes as soon as you stop watching porn and masturbating. Wrong! You build it up, you’re not in a personal development restaurant that you’ll get everything served readymade. When you don’t PMO, you’ve all the time in the world. Instead of wasting your time, you start to think about your future, goals and how to be better at almost anything. So what you have to do is start reading books or watch TEDx talks on YouTube about personal development in the first critical 3 months of your recovery. I call them critical because you’ve a lot of chances to fall back.

Women attraction:

Now, I really don’t care about this part because of my religion however it still matters to me as a part of this journey. Women attraction is real, there’s actually two types of attraction I’ve noticed from the opposite sex from my personal experience. One of them is natural attraction which isn’t a lot but I notice that I definitely get more stares and attention in the room than others even if I’m not standing or talking; just sitting. The other one comes because I am constantly on a track to self improve means I always take care of my posture, me, my voice and the way I speak. And the main of all is of course the confidence I get and women gravitate to anyone who is confident, fact.

Skin, hair and posture:

You all have heard about this, being free from the dirty things gives you a glowing skin and an attractive skin ton. And it definitely happened for me, my hair is way thicker as compared to before, they increased a lot in density. Posture is one of the things that I always try to improve, you quit PMO you have more energy and less back pain which means you stand up straight with your shoulders back and chin up.

Wet dreams and preventing them:

Wet dreams are all natural and they happen sometimes or often and to some people they don’t happen at all. If you’ve a wet dream just like I do then you don’t have to worry, it’s for sure not a relapse. But there are several things you can do do avoid them, I’m not sure if they’ll work on you but they definitely work on me. Before sleeping:

  • Avoid any liquids 15-30 minutes before sleeping.
  • Pee before you go to bed.
  • Do as many push-ups as you can.
  • Do 2-5 minutes of mediation before bed.
  • Stop thinking about wet dreams.
  • Take cold showers to develop self control.

How has Nofap changed my life?

From a high school failure to still a high school failure, yay! I’m a teacher now, I teach English. I know a lot of you might call this bullshit but it isn’t. I know I’m 19 but there’s a lot of things I can do in this country. Why am I telling you that I’m a teacher? To show you that, how confident I am now, being a teacher means standing in front of the class and talking to them which is impossible if your self-confidence is low, interacting with students from different age groups and even older than me, no more social anxiety because Nofap lead me here. I’ve had interviews to be an English teacher in a lot of places I wouldn’t say a lot but a little less than a lot but I go in with confidence knowing what I am capable of and what I deserve. I’m obsessed with success, I’m laser focused on my goals and I’m working hard; day and night to make them happen. It won’t happen overnight but it’ll definitely happen for sure. And the most important of all, it had taught me to respect everything all over again and fight for true love; not pixels.

By the way, I’m not a high school failure anymore. I passed it! And I’m enjoying each and every moment.

You can do it too, you just have to find the perfect reason to overcome this harmful addiction. Always remember, “A man who conquers himself is greater than the one who conquers a thousand men in battle.”

I’m making a video regarding sexual abuse caused by pornography, wish me luck to make it viral in the internet.

Note: My inbox is always open, so feel free to shoot any messages or comments if you have any questions. I’d love to help.

Thank you for reading, always love yourself.