Age 17 – I never knew sex could feel so good

I’m 17 years of age (young i know). But thank god I started searching the internet before I got too deep.

I’ve been on this website for about 5 months now and just finally decided to make an account.

I had started watching porn from 14 years of age, about once a day. i’ve probably watched it 2-3 times a day about 7-8 times.

Lost my virginity at 15, no problem getting hard, delayed ejaculation hit me. Didn’t care, i was a stud who could last ages in bed. as i started to get older at 16, was starting to annoy me because my girl’s just cumming at will and enjoying it and i’m just not feeling shit.

decided to search online, came past this website. it all made sense, i tried to quit, lasted 17 days, relapsed. hated myself, went into a binge, i would try to stop, only lasted about 2 days before i fell back into my old habits again. this went on for ages and ages.

Luckily i wasn’t one of those guys that watched really really weird porn, like midgets and nugget porn etc. I just usually stuck to anal (developed a weird fetish for anal as well).

about 2 weeks ago, as i was about to watch porn again my friend called me and said let’s start the gym, was pissed off because i had to go out but that was a turning point for me. didn’t watch porn that day and i vowed to not watched it again, a week went by, no porn. everytime it would try to creep into my mind, i made sure i did whatever i could to change my thoughts.

a week later, i had a girl come round, she gave me head. i felt so much down there it wasn’t just boring, i literally felt EVERYTHING, every nerve was working, literally it was some good fucking head because my legs were shaking, felt so good. Didn’t cum though, i knew i had progessed but maybe not progressed that much.

Then i had sex, it felt so good, i’ve had sex with her before but it never felt THAT good. within 15 minutes i blew my load …. it was such an amazing feeling, i never knew sex could feel so good, for a young boy who had never experienced the feelings like that, it was like a new world opening. everything just felt so good, i could feel literally EVERYTHING, the warmth, the walls, EVERYTHING. it was amazing,

this was 3 days ago, i’m still in a great mood and still smiling because of it. in that moment i made the decision to never go back to porn. i’m so lucky because i got out of it at such a young age. it was great. never look back brothers.



by sams27