Age 17 – I smile much more, NFG, new school, talked to girls!


Since few months I’m trying NoFap, and I’m in a 10 days streak. Since on month I’m doing exercice and, as a result, I’m feeling prouder of myself. I moved from Paris to Milano. I’m currently in a totally new highschool.

Yesterday I went to the library of my school, and there were two girls. I knew that one of these girls was from Paris. So I thought “Lets do this shit” and I spoke with them.

IT WAS AWESOME! We spoke 1h20, we laughed and the time passed so rapidly. Even with guys I can’t speak 1h without interrupting. Finally I took the courage to ask their first name, one of them really seems to enjoy speaking with me.

I decided to stop porn because I felt like shit. I just had braces, my body looked weak, my skin was terrible… I wasn’t alive. I’m 17, I was used to porn since 12 yo. I was the kind of guy saying proudly “there is no problems with porn! It’s natural!” Oh I was wrong.

There is so many benefits. First of all, I smile much more. I’m really willing to improve my quality of life, so I stoped using Twitter and I’m doing running! I wasn’t even able to run 5 min, now I can do 30 min easily. I’ve the feeling that girls look at me much more, but I’m not sure. More importantly, I’ve now a don’t give a fuck mentality. It helped me so much, that’s the trick that helped yesterday.

Now I love myself, and the person I became.

Guys, NoFap is real. I can see who’s addicted to PMO or not in my class, it’s such obvious.

I’m only 17 but NoFap is creating the man I will become! I’m so fucking excited to go at school tomorrow.

Also, my beard is growing much faster than before! It was totally unexpected, it may be related to hormones. I’ve to shave every days, sometimes twice a day.

English isn’t my native language.

EDIT: I was studying in the library, again, she came naturally and sat with me. We had a great talk and we worked mathematics. Goodbye PMO, never again.

LINK – Yesterday was awesome, I’ve never felt this good!

by Smartch