Age 17 – I was skeptical about these “superpowers” until they started happening to me.

So I was feeling a little down earlier but I started to think about my life and how far I’ve come. At first I was skeptical about these “superpowers” so many were experiencing, until they started happening to me.

  1. Seeing Clearly: I used to walk around in the “brain fog”. Once you’re out of it you realize that you’ve been walking around not noticing little things, and not interacting with people around you. But now I’m starting to experience small details and the beauty that life is. Also, I seem to be physically seeing better as well..
  2. Confidence: I used to always mope around, drag my ass around the house, not go outside, and barely approach people. I’m not on a super confidence level yet, but I’m starting to lose fear of rejection and awkwardness. Like who the fuck cares if you get rejected or shut down. It’s one time in one day in one year of your life. We shouldn’t define ourselves by others perception of us.
  3. Getting the ladies: Okay so this is probably directly linked to confidence, but since it’s so amazing I set it aside. Most people would describe as a geek or a nerd, so my chances with most girls in high school were pretty limited. But something CRAZY FREAKING HAPPENED. I went out with some friends and the girls with them were checking me out like the whole day. And we talked, and it wasn’t awkward. THEN I was sitting around, and one of the most popular and hot girls in my grade snapchats me saying hey. I kid you not. I almost cried. So I ask her for her number, yes, I won and secured a massive victory for my nerd people. And we’re going on a date tomorrow heck yes.
  4. Motivation: When you’re not feeling miserable or wasting your time on PMO you begin to see your potential. I started cooking freaking extravagant food at every meal. I started working out a little. I’m reading, studying, bettering myself.
  5. Attractiveness and Self Worth: And finally what I’ve noticed is that the confidence + working out + trying to be a better man leads you to become pretty damn attractive in other people’s mind. But I also looked in the mirror (where I used to find insecurities) and I saw a muscular, strong, handsome warrior ready for the day.

Okay so maybe you’re considering NoFap, and you’re like how can this be possible? I don’t know, but what do you have to lose? You have everything to gain by pursuing clarity and betterment.

LINK – Superpowers. They’re Real.

by rebel4jc