Age 17 – I’m a more enjoyable, likeable person, and I’m going to the prom!


Anyways just occurred to me how far Ive come since my freshman year. I am wayy different than I was two years ago. Even though I still relapse fairly recently the whole NoFap experience has changed my outlook on life and women. Ive just become a more enjoyable and likable person. I now focus on happiness and being kind to others which takes you a long way.

So last week I asked a mutual friend (a girl that Im interested in) to prom… and she said yes. We just went on our first date over the weekend and I may be getting my first girlfriend. This is something that I could not have done years ago and I can’t even remember what I was like before this year…

Be weary of “superpowers”, NoFap is just one piece of the puzzle

Numbers are nothing. Mental progress is key.

My longest streak was 93 days at the beginning of this school year, since then I have not been able to go longer than a month or so.

Those are my broken thoughts, just wanted to share. I am a high school fapstronaut who just relapsed, which prompted me to post here again with a quick update.

This is a throwaway because I quit Reddit a long time ago (big waste of time)


LINK – Successful promposal and first girlfriend now in line

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